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I have the paid version of Wirecast Go 2 and the Pro version of Wirecast 8.  I'm unable to get the remote participants to connect unless they are on the same network.  When looking at the Wirecast video "Introducing Wirecast 8 New Features" Andrew Haley made the comment that it works on "Wifi" and "LTE".  When I try on LTE it seems to make a connection but I'm unable to see anything.  


Do you know if a network port has to be opened for external connections? 

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  • Looks like I was wrong... I can't find where "LTE" will work.  Is this true?

  • I just need to know if a network port has to be open on the network to allow the connection to come through.  If so, what is that port number and is it TCP, UDP or both?

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  • Port 80 is used for the web.  I can get to website with no problem.  It's only when I try and connect with an external source I don't get anything to display.  Meaning,, I can't get a video feed when external but I can on the same wifi.  I can't imagine that I'm the only one getting this problem. 

  • This is what I get when trying from a mobile device on an external network "LTE". 

  • CraigS Have you been able to get it to work on LTE or do you know anyone that has?  I put my workstation running Wirecast Pro 8 on LTE (hotspot) and tried connecting with my mobile device and no success. 

  • Will Johnson Yes. Shut off wifi on my iPhone entirely so it has to use LTE. email the link to the phone and my iPhone shows in Rendezvous after accepting it.

  • Will Johnson said:
    put my workstation running Wirecast Pro 8 on LTE (hotspot)

     I'm not sure how that relates. Your phone's connection to your computer can be wifi or LTE. It doesn't make a difference how your computer is connected to the internet in this case. If your phone is on wifi and can't reach the computer, the computer's internet connection isn't a factor. The connection is phone to computer and that can be either wifi or LTE.

  • Will Johnson said:
    Port 80 is used for the web.  I can get to website with no problem.

     I mention this because Rendesvouz is using HTTPS. For example, if you're using it on desktop you would be using it through a browser such as FireFox or Chrome. I have no problems bringing in my iPhone on either my LAN via wifi or when the phone uses LTE (wifi on phone is turned off).

  • Will Johnson You may want to test this from another computer instead of the phone to see if you're having issues independent of that.

  • Will Johnson I'm getting the same black screen with the same message when I try to connect to Rendezvous inside Wirecast Go 2 using LTE.  I also tried to connect to Rendezvous on my i7 Windows 10 laptop using the latest version of Firefox and experienced multiple issues that I have documented and sent to support (including a video of the experience), and I had issues trying to connect using Chrome on the same laptop (I don't have time to go through documenting all of these in detail separately right now as submitting a ticket to support is a time consuming process, especially if you want to provide backup to document your experience, but did want to at least note them on the forum so others don't think they're alone with their concerns).

  • I also have this problem. The same black screen.

    I noticed that Wirecast / rendezvous sees the mobile phone assigned to the conversation, since there appears a notification in wirecast. And also it's possible to bring the connection into wirecast as a 'rendezvous video'. But only a black frame appears, no video.


    This indeed is disapointing,  :-(

  • Eeuwit Klink I'd like to help but there's not enough technical information. It's quite possible the phone LTE connection is bad for example. It's possible you haven't given Wirecast Go permission to use your phone's camera.

  • Mike Grayeb said:
    I'm getting the same black screen with the same message when I try to connect to Rendezvous inside Wirecast Go 2 using LTE.

     Also possibly a bad LTE connection. You should download SpeedTest Mobile and test on the phone.

  •  Thanks CraigS !


    I'm sorry! The difference is that it all works fine when i'm on the samen wifi / networdk as wirecast is. As soon as i try it over LTE / 4G the problem appears, in the same way as the others describe.

    Connection is good, 60 Mb/s. Camera permission is not the problem, since it works when on wifi.

  • Also in the App Store there is someone complaining about this issue: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wirecast-go/id987286934?mt=8

  • Eeuwit Klink You can use Wirecast Go on Wifi as well. You don't have to use LTE.
    I've used Wirecast Go on both Wifi and LTE and both work for me. 

    The only review on the current version of Go seems to be related to streaming, not use as Cam to Wirecast.

  • Hi CraigS , thanks again!


    I understand that i can use the traditional GO-feature, but especcialy the rendezvous feature is very valuable for me. The number 1 reason to upgrade. I want to use it for bringing in live-vlogging into a live talkshow. So i have a studio setup for a talkshow, and then i want to bring on another person who is walking in a street, on a beach or whatever. For that reason i need LTE.

    I checked my ios version and i'm on 10.3.3. so must be good enough. May i ask you, what iPhone do you have, that works?


    By the way, i think Telestream did a great job with version 8. I see it as a big aprovement, so i'm not complaining all the time. A big compliment to Telestream, they made it really better again! I use the Pro version.

  • Eeuwit Klink said:
    May i ask you, what iPhone do you have, that works?

     iPhone 7. 

  • Thanks! I use the 5s, so should work...

  • Eeuwit Klink Yes it would work fine with the 5s

  • Great dialogue here. As I was testing tonight, I ran into this same issue. From what I gathered, the people that I'm bringing in on iOS devices MUST be on either wifi or LTE connection. Understood.


    I brought my phone in to Wirecast via Rendezvous with no problem AFTER I connected to wifi. I brought other individuals on (unaware of how they connected) with the link and they showed up on my phone...but not on Wirecast via Rendezvous. They reset their phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app as well. Any other suggestions as to why they would not show up in Wirecast?

  • I too have the same problem! Works fine on wifi, not workin on LTE connection.

  • Janne Olsson Ken B.
    Perhaps an LTE related issue regarding the reliability of the connection.
    I've used LTE so I do know it works. 
    I recommend installing Mobile Speedtest and testing on the phone.

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