Monitoring audio through Lightning port/Yeti mic?

Hello all. I used Wirecast Go for the first time last night to stream to YouTube from my iPhone 6S+ (10.3.3). I usually use OBS on an iMac. Wirecast Go worked great and was very intuitive. I had a very nice first-time experience with it.

I used a Blue Yeti USB mic plugged in to the phone’s lightning port. The Yeti is a USB mic that is also an output device, so you can plug earbuds into the Yeti and monitor the stream audio (this means that the app/phone sends an audio monitor signal back out the lightning port when the Yeti is attached).

This works fine when streaming with YouTube’s app, but there was no monitor signal at the Yeti’s earbud jack when I was using Wirecast Go. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting things a few times, but the signal never appeared. I also checked if there was a monitoring toggle in the app that I missed, but couldn’t find one.

I also tried to monitor audio from the TRRS jack on the phone, but I believe that jack gets bypassed when a USB device is plugged into the lightning port.

So, is this a software or hardware issue? Since it works fine with YT’s app, I assume that this is a functionality that would be handled in the app. Can you confirm? Is there a preferred method of monitoring audio on the mobile app that I am disabling by using a USB mic?

Please advise. Good job on the app! It really did accomplish 95% of what I wanted when using it the very first time, which I count as an impressive product. Thanks very much.

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  • Absolutely make the feature request since we're looking at improvements to Wirecast Go.

    LP  will document that for you.

  • Thanks Craig. I’ll be happy to make that request (Or did LP do that? I’m not sure what you meant by your last sentence. Sorry, I’m new here. ;-)


    It sounds like you’re confirming that the only proper way to currently monitor audio is through the phone’s own TRRS jack, and if that is bypassed in any way (like using a USB device at the lightning port), there is no other way to monitor. Is this correct? Just want to make sure this isn’t a workaround that I’m missing.


    This feature, plus an on-screen mic mute/cough button, would make this app pretty much perfect for what I’m doing! I have to imagine there are others using the Yeti in small/portable stream setups that are in the same boat. Streaming to existing YouTube Live Events is key, which you already do (and the YT app does NOT do, crazily). These other two things would be the perfect icing on the cake.

  • Eric T LP  is now documenting the feature requests to make the cyber paperwork easier on the user. BTW newer iPhones don't have a headphone jack so the use of the lightening connector needs to be as flexible as possible for both input and output at the same time. That it isn't working with the Yeti is good enough to warrant the feature request, I'd think.

  • CraigS Yes, good point about the newer iPhones (I've been holding on to my 6S+ so far!). Thanks very much for your responsiveness. Looking forward to getting more familiar with Wirecast Go.

  • Eric T Going forward, we may have to assume there will be no headphone jacks on iPhones so we need to consider how anything external is handled. We are most certainly working on improving things.

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  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database.

  • LP Thanks for that.

  • Craig asked me to vote for this in the "other" thread which I believe is this one.  Not seeing a poll though.  Anyway - The ability to connect a USB mixer via the lightning port to Wirecast Go on iOS would be awesome!

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