Wirecast and Speedify

Does anyone have experience with using Speedify and Wirecast?  I've experimented with devices like Mushroom Networks Streamer and Speedify, but always wonder how well these data aggregators work on a webcast encode over a duration of 1+ hours.

Something else I've noticed is if you have two data sources that are already high speed, like one 40Mbps on wi-fi, and another that's 70Mbps over a wired connection, tested individually on speedtest.net , then test where they're combined with the aggregator, you'll get much lower numbers, like 20Mbps. The overall ping time is longer also. Is this a product of the sources being aggregated? Maybe does speedtest.net not read the speeds correctly?

Anyway - does anyone have experience in using Speedify to create more reliable connections for connecting with streaming entry points?  Especially in challenging environments like hotels networks and other public-ish networks.



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  • It would be interesting to compare to a hardware device like the Teradek Bond for example.

    What was the results with the Mushroom Networks Streamer?

    I don't think duration should be an issue.

  • Speedify is interesting to me mainly because it uses whatever network hardware is connected to your laptop running WC.  WiFi, RJ-45, USB or TB to network adapter, USB tethered hotspots, or all of them at the same time.  

    The Mushroom Networks Streamer worked, but was expensive, and wrangling the approved USB hotspots was challenging and a headache.  You also need to pay for the cloud service to aggregate the connections. You need to pay with Teradek's Bond also.  Speedify is $10/month and is all software.

  • Dan Francis Perhaps you should contact Speedify and ask about your speedtest.net results. It's odd that it would be so much lower than the individual sources.

  • Hey folks has anyone use Speedify yet?  I too am looking for a bonded solution when I am out on location and do not have a dedicated line but I still want the production capabilities of wirecaast for my stream.  Wondering if speedify  would interfere with wirecast operation from the software side. When using speedify it registers about 4% of the CPU. I have looked at the liveU solo but would love to stay figure out a way to use wirecast.

  • kevin hill Wirecast can work with any number of bonded encoders including those by Teradek and LiveU amongst others. Why not try Speedify software with Wirecast as a test and see how it works.

  • CraigS That is my next move.  If I can get the same performance with a software  solution and not have to spend about $1300 + that would be ideal.  I'll report back.

  • kevin hill Very interested in hearing about your results.

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  • So Today I had some time and I hooked up wirecast and speedify to see what would happen.  The Speedify unlimited was about $49 so no big deal.  I combined two signals - one a ATT hotspot and the other my office ATT wifi.  I had to buy a usb wireless adapter for my 2013 MB Pro so that it could utilize another Wi-Fi connection. So using the speedify app I combined both of them and the upload speed was slightly higher with the combined connection.  The hotspot upload speed

    was 6.4 and the wifi's speed was 2.6 combined I got 6.8 Mbps.  Cool, Right.  When I fired up wirecast and live streamed to my youtube page at 1080p 30fps it held up for a minute and began to deteriorate so I dropped down to 720P 30fps and It held up  pretty good until the wifi speeds dropped. I got the red stream icon and stream failed. The next test was at 480P 30fps and the stream held up nicely and did not drop.  As for the CPU % it held at around 40%. That was my greatest concern was taxing the CPU. I had three inputs(camera, laptop camera and desktop presenter) and also sending output to a atomos samuri like I alway had at most events I do. So all and all I am happy with the test.  Could work nicely and may not have to buy a Liveu solo unit.  I'm going to test it out in a remote location to simulate going live and see what it does.

  • kevin hill Thanks for reporting. It sounds like a viable budget solution.

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