Text only export of markers text and timestamps

Two related requests: I'd like to copy and paste from the view Windows/Markers and have a list of marker text and timestamps. And/or: I'd like text only export of markers including an index number, the text and the timestamp (maybe in a configurable format 00:10:30.000 or 10m30s for example). I could use this text, for example, in a Vimeo description to make Chapter markers. Then I wouldn't have to export to MP4 and go on a wild dance using MP4Box, Handbrake, or Subler to hack the data into a form I can paste in my Vimeo description. By the way, none of the listed software worked. I could get the text of the marker but not the timestamp - which I needed to type in by hand. Should be quite straight-forward. This or enhanced subtitling tools (from markers) would have me paying to upgrade to ScreenFlow 7 in a wink of an eye.

Thanks, Ian

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  • Thanks for describing the feature and the utility of the desired workflow. This helps our developers understand the need.

    LP will document this for you.

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  • Great. Thanks for the reply. One correction to my original post: After exporting an MP4 with ScreenFlow, Subler can export a text document with timestamp and text. Select the Chapter track and File - Export. You think it's exporting an MP4 but it saves just a text file ready for reformatting for Vimeo etc. Request still stands though!

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  • Ian Grant Thanks for that. It gives us something to look at.

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  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database. 

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  • LP Thanks for that.

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