Wirecast 9ßeta continued typographical issues

So, new beta dropped and I’m starting to put it through it’s paces… first up. The font and typographical issues that have been present since version 5:

Font selections for all available fonts loaded within the system:
Only some of the fonts installed are rendered correctly. This means that condensed, light, black, or other non-standard “Bold”, “Italic”, and “Regular” faces do not display correctly. This has been an issue for some time while trying to utilize the great new titling abilities while ensuring that client brands are maintained.

Font size is not consistent:
I understand that using different canvas sizes and changing them once the text has been set means that original type sizes would need to change to maintain the same proportion to the canvas but there really doesn’t seem to be any correlation to font size selected and what it actually is. Setting a font size to be of a particular height results in a FAR too large variant, resulting in no ability to plan out within a third party software overlays, backgrounds, or lower thirds while trying to build dynamic text based content with Wirecast without a guess work or significant time tweaking.

Side note:
It was only while closing the new shot adder that I noticed the “new media” button on the bottom left. The fact that there is no “image source” or “media” or “photo” available within the shot list is a bit of a miss here. I don’t know how I feel about this new popup yet but it’s already starting on a bad foot where you’re not being consistent. I get that having the button there is a quick access for a high-traffic usage but it was only because I was going to close, then use drag+drop that I happened to see it.

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  • Matthew Potter
    Thanks for the report, I was able to reproduce your issue with the 3rd party font Frutiger. Documented in our database, internal reference # WIRE-14221

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  • Matthew Potter

    Do you know of any other fonts that exhibit these issues? 

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  • Rory Maloney Yea… any font family that has more than the normal bold, italic and normal… Even “Semi-bold” comes out as full bold for families that have it.

    I have just shy of 15,000 font families available to me (I come from pre-press so I have a lot)… I can confirm that the majority of fonts with more than the base have issues.

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  • Matthew Potter

    Thanks for that information, I've added it to the issue. 

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  • any chance the scrolling text issues have been solved?  (currently impossible to have the text phrase start from the beginning)

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  • solar sonic Please do test the just released updated beta and report.

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