Cannot record audio in 7.3

After letting ScreenFlow install the 7.3 update, I can't record any system audio.

If I click "Record Computer Audio" using either built-in audio (internal speakers/headphones) or the Scarlett 2i4 USB output, no audio is recorded. Both worked fine before the update. 

ScreenFlow 7.3 (31021)

MacBook Pro (Mid 2015)

macOS 10.13.3

2.2 GHz Intel Core i7

16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Edit: installed audio drivers, rebooted, uninstalled audio drivers, re-installed audio drivers, restarted all apps and ScreenFlow, rebooted. The app I'm trying to record is Ableton Live 9 which was never a problem before - its audio output is set to the same as Mac system sound output in each case.

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  • Doesn't Matter said:
    The app I'm trying to record is Ableton Live 9 which was never a problem before - its audio output is set to the same as Mac system sound output in each case.

     Remove the audio interface and please test by recording only a YouTube video in Safari or a Video playing in Quicktime. Set System Sound Output to built in speakers for this test. We need to determine whether the interface or Ableton may be an issue.

  • Yes it works with YouTube.  I removed the audio interface and tried again with Ableton; that still does not work. I tried also with GarageBand, with its audio output set to "System Settings".  That also does not work.  (Is it some problem between ScreenFlow and Core Audio?)

  • Doesn't Matter 
    I just tested
    macOS 10.13.3
    ScreenFlow 7.3
    GarageBand set to System Settings.
    OS System Preferences set to built in Mic for Input and Built In Speakers for Output.
    ScreenFlow asks me to upgrade its Audio Driver. I did.
    I started to Record and got an Initializing Core Audio message.
    ScreenFlow had no problem recording the drum track I created in GarageBand.

    Please check you OS System Preferences Input and Output. Set Output to Built In Speakers. Input to Built in Microphone.

  • same for me.This is a disaster because it's my job to make videos tutorials. I use all sequencers market and with this 7.3 my internal sound card my Mac Pro 2013 no longer works with SF 7.3.
    How can I uninstall SF 7.3 and its damn driver completely and return to version 7.2.
    Thank you in advance for helping me because since yesterday I'm losing money because of this maj.
    Thank you.


    PS : i m on High Sierra

  • DIDIER NAVARRETE So is this specifically affecting sequencers?
    Are other computer audio sources working?

    Note when I attempted to use GarageBand I was asked to upgrade the driver again but once I did that it worked.

    We need specific reproducible steps we can test because it is working for many. 

  • I can't use my internal soundcard as SF 7.2!

    I must choose my external soundcart (UAD Apollo twin) but it is not so good or practice because i want tu use my internal soudcard as SF 7.2 works so good.

    Please how i can unistall totally SF 7.3 and the new dricer and reinstal SF 7.2


    Please let me know how please.

  • Doesn't Matter

    For those using Pro audio applications such as Ableton Live or Logic, you must go into the Preferences and set the audio output device to Telestream Audio Capture. Once you've done that, you should be able to record without issue.

  • CraigS

    DIDIER NAVARRETE - Are you attempting to record audio output from Logic? If so, please follow the suggestion I've posted above before reverting back to ScreenFlow 7.2 (steps below).


    I wonder if soundflower is interfering with your internal sound card. We'll do some testing to see if we're able to reproduce the reported behavior.

    To uninstall the 7.3 audio driver, open the ScreenFlow Preferences and select the 'Advanced' tab. Once there, select 'Uninstall Driver' under Computer Audio. 

    Now you may delete ScreenFlow 7.3 and install ScreenFlow 7.2 from here.

  • CraigS thanks for testing,  Oddly SF now records audio but this only started working after GB asked (a single time) if I wanted to switch to "Telestream Audio Capture" and I answered yes.  

    Thereafter it works with GB's output to "System Settings" with system sound NOT set to "Telestream Audio Capture", but rather to the builtin or Scarlet interface (both ok). 

    But unfortunately GB was just for testing, and Live/Logic etc are the real audio sources. For those apps I can record audio only when the app's output is set to  "Telestream Audio Capture" (as informed by support and as per the msg above). Switching the output each time I want to record w/ SF is going to get old very fast though. 

    (BTW I don't have SoundFlower on my system)

  • Doesn't Matter Thanks for reporting that. Interesting that GarageBand seems to switch but Logic doesn't. Ableton Live may present yet another issue.

    That's why it's important will look at the various scenarios. Thanks again for reporting.

  • CraigS Thanks, for now the 7.2 rollback link posted by Rory Maloney  puts things back in working condition (will try the update again on the next version) 

  • When i record youtube SF 7.3 works.But not for any DAW, i have Live, Logic, Bitwig, cubase, studio one 3, reason, fl studio 12.5 etc, and all don't work with SF 7.3

    I will return to FL 7.2 now.

  • DIDIER NAVARRETE Doesn't Matter 
    When using ScreenFlow 7.3 start the recording first, then open your DAW and set the output to Telestream Audio Capture. That will send audio to ScreenFlow. You must start recording first for the DAW to see and allow you to select the Telestream Audio Driver. We'll examine improvements to this workflow.

  • I have the same problem in Ableton, Logic, and Maschine. I am going back to v7.2 for now

  • Same here. Switched back to 7.2. I does record desktop audio or youtube whatever but when I start a pro Audio DAW it won't record it. Using presonus studio one. If I set my output to the telestream audio I cannot use my audio interface so it's pointless. 7.2 works well so far. 

  • Currently you have to start ScreenFlow recording first and then select Telestream Audio Capture as output in the DAW you're using. We are working to improve this workflow. Please do fill out the form and report as we need to gather the details.

    ScreenFlow Support Form

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  • Really hope you fix this soon! Won't record computer audio in 7.3:

  • John Schmidt

    Are you using a DAW? If so, which one? 

  • Clarett2Pre, Focusrite. Have tried going to through that, or just through internal speakers (with headset).

  • My experience of 7.3 was as follows:  I'm working with Screenflow 7.3 and GarageBand together, on Mac Air/High Sierra. I was recording with USB mic into Screenflow, at same time playing notes on midi-keyboard into GarageBand and capturing these with “Record Computer Audio” button ticked. 

    All was fine in rehearsal, until I actually pressed record, then I got a message saying “Core Midi Initialisation” was happening. There was a progress-bar, during which time Garage Band notes did not sound, which lasted approx 20 secs or more. Very difficult to work with that, and a waste of drive space. When they did finally sound, some notes were highly distorted, but did get recorded.

    Switching back to 7.2, following instructions here,  solved the problem completely.

  • Duncan Millar said:
    I got a message saying “Core Midi Initialisation” was happening.

     Core Audio Initializing? I can confirm I've seen that with Garageband as well. Sorry about that. We're working on it.

    Please do fill out the form and send us those details. Thanks for doing that.
    ScreenFlow Support Form

  • CraigS  Sorry, that's what I meant, lol! I will fill out form.

  • Duncan Millar Thanks for doing that. We're working on improving the ScreenFlow Audio Driver integration.

  • Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse you get the 7.3 update!

    I just had the same problem everyone else is having and am now unable to record the output of Logic Pro X to the "Computer Audio" input of SF. I'm on a 2017 iMac.


    The idea of having to activate the "Telestream Audio Capture" driver in Logic after you've started recording is a nightmare. This means you have to reinitialize the session (reload all your plugins/sample libraries and audio) and when you stop SF  recording Logic prompts you that the temporary driver is missing and you have to reinitialise/reload all over again. This is NOT a good workflow!


    Sorry, but can't you guys just hire a really good audio dev and sort this mess out? Screenflow is a great app but the audio side of it really sucks!

  • Toby Pitman Please understand that Apple is making hardware changes to audio which is requiring us to make changes in our audio driver. The new iMac Pro is the first Mac to make this change but it may appear in other Macs as well going forward. We are working to improve ease of use but we had to make changes to be compatible with new Macs.

    Our Audio Developers were able to come up with a solution ahead of many other developers but there's still more work to be done to ensure ease of use with both new Macs (like the iMac Pro) and previous Mac models. 

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