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I was playing around with NDI a bit. I could get wirecast to output NDI (easy) and to use the monitor app on another computer. Then I installed the NDI HX driver and now I have nothing to play in the monitor app anymore.

Then I connected a Spark and could ingest fine into wirecast. The spark is seen by the monitor app (NDI HX required) as well but not the wirecast output. Yes, I have started that and checked it twice to make sure it's active.

I then tried the access manager and I couldn't get the wirecast stream to work at all in the monitor app after the NDI HX installation. Changing the output in the access manager app from unicast to multicast didn't change anything either.

The above is just frustrating and I believe has minimal to do with wirecast, just wanted to mention it.

The thing that isn't working as expected is the tally on the spark. It shows (fresh session) 4 LED green no matter what source in preview (green should only lit if the NDI source is in preview) and when live the mixed mode (green/red/red/green) gets switched on but never off again.

I closed wirecast and directly checked with a competitor software and there everything worked as expected. 4x Green when in preview. 4x red when live and off when neither of both.

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  • Can you include specific version numbers?
    Wirecast version?
    Which NDI Monitor (Newtek? and is it the most recent version)?
    Is Wirecast NDI out the issue? If so it might not be compatible with NDI HX driver which is impacting NDI Monitor.
    Interesting that tally is working in competing software. That might mean an issue with our implementation. 

  • I don't see a version number for the NDI stuff but I downloaded it a few days ago. I assume the current version. Whatever that is.

    Wirecast version : 9.0.0 (33822) 64 bit

    Newtek NDI Monitor (I'm on windows)

    Wirecast NDI out is not visible as a source in the monitor app, yes.

    Tally is weird. In the Spark documentation there is just mention of the three possible states. Wirecast isn't able to get the status of the tally right. I guess an implementation issue as you said.

  • Jens Jarke Just to see what we're contending with you may want to follow the linked thread as well.

  • Try rebooting the computer and without using any other NDI monitoring anywhere on the network, open Wirecast and see if it detects it.

  • CraigS  There doesn't appear to be any issue with multi-application access when using Connect Spark devices.  The problem appears to be isolated to certain NDI HX PTZ Cameras.  NewTek are investigating.

    On the Tally - its important to understand that Tally is normally set by the receiving NDI device, and then displayed on the sending NDI device - thus in order for the Spark to show Tally, WireCast would need to be sending the NDI Tally message.  

    NDI also has a 'tally reflection' mechanism where other NDI Receivers can pick up the tally issued by the first one - so in this case you could simultaneously view the Spark source in Wirecast (which should be controlling tally) and also NewTek NDI Studio Monitor - which has the option to show 'reflected tally'.  In theory the reflected tally in the Studio Monitor should be indicating the tally state set by WireCast, and that same tally state should be seen on the Spark.

    If you dont see tally on Spark *or* in the NewTek Studio Monitor, then perhaps WireCast is not setting tally.

    If you have a Mac, Sienna NDI Monitor has a menu item which allows you to use it to explicitly set tally (on Program, Preview, both or Neither) and this is another useful tool to test your tally setup.

  • NDI Cloud Thanks. We'll investigate the Tally issue.

  •  CraigS  Jens Jarke NDI Cloud - any update on Tally?  We have a project next week that we'd LOVE to use Wirecast 9 with.  We're looking at Sparks or Bird Dog Studios to ingest two cameras but having Tally would be amazing.  

  • Aaron Booker Please do fill out the Feature Request Form. Please use the previously posted support form for that. The developers do examine user demand when they make development decisions. Let them know you'd like it sent using NDI so they understand the request.

  • I'll retest with a Spark and Version 9

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  • Jens Jarke Any luck with WC9?

  • I found a little time today to test and straight ran into some multiviewer issues. So time rn out and I need to test the spark with tally the next days.

  • Short update first. It's still the same. A mixed green, red, red, green when on program and 4x green when either on preview or not selected.

    It should be:

    preview = 4x green

    program = 4x red

    preview + program = green, red, red, green

    not selected = 4x off

    I'll record a short video.

  • And the video showing the issue.

  • The same Tally issue with the BirdDog Studio NDI. It remains on its green light, even if it’s not in preview. 

    Annoying, since it’s an important feature by working over distances.

  • Eeuwit Klink Since Wirecast 10 has been released you should check with the current version and post in the public forum and include complete details. This thread is two months old so you need to confirm the issue hasn't been resolved with the full release.

  • Woohoo. It took from Version 9 to Version 13 to address this issue. Congrats for resolving this bug

  • Jens Jarke Slowly but surely.

  • The Speed could be a Problem for some People.

  • Jens Jarke I certainly can understand that. 

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