I have an X-Keys 80 laying around the office so I thought I would try it out with Wirecast 9.  I told wirecast it was the 128 version and it seemed to work sorta. As I click on buttons the lights change on the controller but when I push a button the I usually get an pop up window or 2 that ask me to change select an output destination or that I need to upgrade to Pro.  Right now I am on studio.  When I switch to Demo mode and select an output the pop ups go away.  It looks as though it is trying to do an iso recording when some buttons are pushed and trying to stream when other buttons are pushed.  

Do I need to buy the official wirecast xkeys or can I get my 80 key version to work?

Why isn't there a way to map your own buttons?  I have a BlackMagic switcher, Ross switcher, and a Tricaster, all of them allow me some degree of control on mapping.  The Tricaster gives me the least control. I cant map the main custom control surface but I can map every key on aNovation Launch pad.  My Ross switcher allows me to map most keys on the control surface.   I don't understand why I am not allowed to map keys on the XKeys when in fact that is exactly what it is meant to do. 

This would also open up the possibility for smaller Xkeys, like my 80 key version, to properly work, and a whole host of other Xkeys to work like the 24 and 16 key version.

Telestream, please consider custom mapping on all control surfaces, and please consider expanding to all xkeys devices 

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  • Please do ask for X-Keys 80 support. For some it might be a budget option.
    Also ask for user controlled mapping.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

  • I would like to take it further.  We have very simple needs for Wirecast for now.  It would be nice to be able to use XKeys sticks, or other controls.  I think if we take it down to simplicity, allow us to easily customize the use of XKeys or other controllers.  I have an XKeys XK-8.  That is plenty for what we need at this time.  

  • Mike Connor Make sure you mention that in your request.

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