Do you use interlaced content?

Wirecast users - we're interested in hearing your feedback, do you use interlaced content? What camera(s) do you use for ingest? 

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  • No, I use Panasonic GH5 and Wonwoo MB-308H

  • Jens Jarke Thanks for your input Jens.

    Matthew Potter Benjamin Yaroch Brandon Ruckdashel George E. Kennedy, Jr Rob Munzing Greg Kuhnert

    Would appreciate feedback from you guys as well.

  • No for me too. I use a few Canon VIXIA HF R100s.

  • I have been using interlaced content for every event up to tomorrows. Using the Blackmagic Mini Recorders, the required input for 1080 is 1080i. Tomorrow's event I have will be the first I'm going to be doing in 60p due to new hardware but if you're looking to see whether or not you could drop the de-interlacing functionality, I would strongly recommend keeping it.

  • Matthew Potter 

    Thanks. This conversation is not to discuss dropping the de-interlacing functionality, rather it is to gauge the usage of it as well as the devices that people use to create it. We're considering a different method for de-interlacing content. 

  • Rory Maloney All of my equipment was running through blackmagic mini recorders into my laptop but they were all able to function at 1080p and 1080i. In order to get the equipment that had issues with running at 1080i (like external windows based laptops) I have been running (and will continue to do so) Datavideo DAC-70 boxes for conversion. (I seriously love these things).

    For a full list of equipment:


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  • Benjamin Yaroch said:
    No for me too. I use a few Canon VIXIA HF R100s.

     I may have misspoke...let me confirm this. How soon do you need to know?

  •  Benjamin Yaroch No rush, just whenever you get the chance. Thanks.

  • Yes for us. We run into BM Mini recorders or an BM Intensity Extreme. We sometimes run 3 cams using a Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Dock into a MacBook Pro late 2016 model with 4 thunderbolt ports.

  • Its funny you mentioned right now. I have a BM Intensity Thunderbolt - and have used it with 1080i50 camera input from a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. Until my wife decided to go on a holiday with it. Upon her return, I was getting the usual rig setup today, and my shuttle was no longer recognisable on either my video workstation or on my MacBook pro.

    So - if anyone else here would like to comment on a good alternative that wont break the bank, I'd be interested to get input.


  • Greg Kuhnert Yea... those shuttles are finicky things. I have a USB3 model and a thunderbolt model that work only about 50% of the time. Do you need the passthrough functionality or are you good with input only? If you can live without the passthrough, the mini recorders are pretty cheap and you don't need any new software, they will work with the same drivers.

    If however you're looking to do passthrough and / or update your computer in the next little bit (Thunderbolt 1 is phasing out), I just picked up an external PCIe box and a Decklink Duo that works great. I've got it set for 3 inputs (up and including to 1080p60) and 1 output for and external renderer. It was actually fairly inexpensive comparatively and the upgrade to 1080p is going to be great. I am doing my first event with the new tech today.

  • Got it sorted with the existing device. To summarise for anyone else that might be interested:

    On mac #1, I have sierra. Wasn't working. I went to mac #2 to test

    On mac #2, I have high sierra. Same problem. Uninstall / reinstall drivers. Still failed.

    Tested thunderbolt port between two mac's - worked fine.

    Solution: High Sierra has a new driver approval thing in preferences under security:general... Once I went there and approved the drivers, it worked fine. I then went back and upgraded the software on the Sierra mac, and all is fine again.


  • I'm curious Rory Maloney  - What prompted you to ask this question?

  • I use a mix of both.  PTZ Optics cameras @1080p30 and Apple TV’s 4th Gen seem to output 1080i30

  • Out source material is all 1080i50

  • News Studios

    What camera(s) do you use for ingest? 

  • Rory Maloney   Hi Rory, I have a PTZ Optics 12x SDI Gen 2 for the primary camera and when I need a second I use either a PTZ Optics 12x USB or the Canon EOS C100 Mark II.  For the secondary camera (in both cases) I use the HDMI output and convert to SDI with a Black Magic HDMI to SDI converter.

  • We run 1080i 29.97 in our facility. We use Blackmagic UltraStudio Express attached to Mac Minis.

  • Late to the party as usual.... I bring in four Sony cameras with interlaced HDMI outputs, fed thru Blackmagic HDMI to SDI converters, into a Matrox VS4 input card.

    One thing to note is that every time I launch Wirecast, I have to reset each camera to 'interlaced' in settings. That checkbox setting gets 'forgotten' when I close Wirecast.

  • Gary Pearce said:
    Matrox VS4 input card.

    Matrox shows last OS supported as Windows 8. Their last driver update was 4 and a half years ago.

    The current version of Wirecast 13.0.2 requires Windows 10 version 1803 or higher.


    Gary Pearce said:
    One thing to note is that every time I launch Wirecast, I have to reset each camera to 'interlaced' in settings. That checkbox setting gets 'forgotten' when I close Wirecast

     It's not clear what version of Wirecast you're using so I can't comment on the issue. You may want to test Wirecast 13.1 Beta 2 with a compatible input card though.

  • CraigS I've been on 13.0.2 on windows 10. I just installed the 13.1 beta, and I'll give that a try. 

    I know I've been on borrowed time on the VS4. The replacement is expensive, and the VS4 is working, with a couple of glitches that I can handle. I wasn't asking for a fix. When I came across the forum thread I tossed in my experience. 

  • Gary Pearce said:
    I wasn't asking for a fix. When I came across the forum thread I tossed in my experience. 

     Thanks for noting that. Good to hear the VS4 is still working though.

  • CraigS Is there a replacement for the VS4 since Matrox appears to have abandoned it?

  • Larry Badger Blackmagic Decklink Duo 2 has 4 inputs and the Decklink Quad 2 has 8 inputs. With Wirecast Pro you can use one port for output as well. Magewell also has good multi-input cards (no output). Wirecast Pro now supports ISO recording built-in (was a key feature in the Matrox card)

  • Yes!
    Birddog p200 NDI x 3 

    2 other sources via HDMI into birddog studio

    2 sources via pro presenter 7 via NDI

    1 out black magic deck link sdi card 

    all 1080i 59.94

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