Desktop presenter and low FPS

hi, when i use wirecast with desktop presenter, in wirecast the video caputed by desktop presender is rallenty or at frame by frame.



i use:

Wirecast 7.6

PC Intel Core i5-4460 3.20 GHz - 8gb ram - windows 7 ultimate

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  • You should update to Wirecast 7.7.
    Make sure you're using Desktop Presenter 2.0.8.
    Desktop Presenter is subject to your local network speed and conditions (and wifi if you're using that) and that can impact frame rate. Also what you're capturing and the computer it's running on can have an impact.

    NDI Scan Converter Lite (free) may perform better than Remote Desktop Presenter.

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  • I'm having a similar issue.  I upgraded to wirecast 11 some weeks ago and every since the desktop presenter video capture of the VT600 output is freeze framing badly on vidoe and even powerpoint has a 6-9 second delay on the update.  The Propresenter is on the MAC that we use to run Propresenter which sends video out to the big projection screens front and back and it also  feeds a different MAC via network (wired) that connects to the sound board (also wired) and video camera via an UltraMIni link (also wired).  I think I need to upgrade the desktop presenter since it is the original that we have used for years.  Is the NDI Scanner the better choice?

    Since all the sound comes through the board the video is my only issue.   


    Thanks in advance for any help. 

  • ronald said:
    I upgraded to wirecast 11 some weeks ago

     You should be on Wirecast 12.1.1

    ronald said:
    every since the desktop presenter

     Desktop Presenter remains and version 2.0.8. There hasn't been any changes in several years. Wirecast's interaction with Remote Desktop Presenter hasn't changed.  Using full screen versus window may impact the results.

    ronald said:
    even powerpoint has a 6-9 second delay on the update

     Perhaps there's an issue on the network. Desktop Presenter hasn't changed the way it delivers frames in years.

    That you're seeing a difference is likely coincidental to some other issue but I'll not you're not on the current version of Wirecast.

    Keep in mind no one has posted to this thread in about a year.

    Many people use Newtek's NDI ScanConvertor for screen capture which is much improved over Desktop Presenter.

  • CraigS   thanks.  I've been researching and it seems others are having issues sending live videos from propresenter to wirecast etc with DP.  They are suggesting using NDI or OBS.  My propresenter is on one Mac and the Wirecast is on another so the Syphon will need help to traverse the network as I understand it. 

    Thanks for the advice.  I am an old like IT guy but the audio video is not my strength.  I am an app / database guy.  LOL

  • ronald  Newtek NDI Scanconvertor might be your best bet. Given where that technology is going and Wirecast integration it's a better option than Desktop Presenter.

  • CraigS well I got there ready to fix this and found Mac OS behind a rev or three and pro presenter5 not 6 and so onso we will struggle through VBs and have an update party with the whole tech team next week.  Thanks for all your help.  

  • ronald  You're welcome of course.

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