Episode 7.4 giving me trouble with DNxHD MXF Op1a captions

I upgraded from Episode 7 to 7.4 and now I have trouble when I render out DNxHD MXF Op1a with 608/708 captions embedded. I had success with one single file render, but then I tried to do 5 jobs on a cue and none of them had captions when I checked them.

I did have some cache issues when my main drive filled up by accident, but then remapped to a different drive. Now 1 render job works with captions, the next two don't. I have a lot of videos to export and need to figure this out! I never seemed to have this issue with episode 7. Is there a download somewhere? Or a way to revert?

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  • Sometimes updating results in some resource corruption issues.
    Quit Episode. Delete the following:

    User/Library/Application Support/Episode/Assistant.plist 

    User/Library/Application Support/Episode/Assistant.xml 

    User/Library/Application Support/Episode/IOServer.plist 

    User/Library/Application Support/Episode/IOServer.xml 

    User/Library/Application Support/Episode/Node.plist 

    User/Library/Application Support/Episode/Node.xml


    Reboot the Computer.
    Create a NEW Workflow and New Encoder settings.
    Test and tell me what happens.
    Also try testing everything on the local computer with Episode rather than any networked storage or clients to determine if that might be part of the issue.

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  • I tried but the problem seems to persist. I tried installing 7.4 on a different computer and it still gives me the same problems. It seems to work the first time, then not work, then once in a while it will work. I feel like there must be some bug on this new version... 

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  • Steven Javitz Please be clear what you tried. I can't make assumptions. Include step by step.

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  • I deleted the files you mentioned, restarted the computer. Same issue. It seems like it gives me one good closed caption render, then stops working on the same workflow, same file. I render once and it has captions, I render again and it doesn't. 

    I'm not running off a network, but I am using an external USB 3.0 Haddrive. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

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  • Sorry, And I did re-create the entire workflow and encoders many times

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  • Steven Javitz Thanks for those details.
    Fill out the form and include the steps you took as listed above to troubleshoot and that it didn't resolve the issue. We may as for sample files and workflow so we can test on our system.

    Episode Support Form

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