Switch4 flags inside

I thought I would use this file to save TC as chapter points. I see that the flags file is a simple xml, but I do not understand how the start and end times are calculated. If possible, will you give me a formula to convert your number to normal TC, time or number of shots? Or, you could create a flags to chapter conversion ability? Until I can save the settings as I wrote earlier? Thank you.

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  • Is there a reason why you are trying to edit this by hand rather than opening the file in Switch to change the Flag times?

    If you can explain the need perhaps the developers may explain the math behind the time representation in the .flags file.

    It my own tests I can see time base (23.98, 29.97, etc) impacts the count.

  • I use The Switch for preparing chapters for The iTunes itmsp package. I have my own editor for creating the packages contains all metadata, all production informations and all assets (include chapters) too. For it I need the timecode and the artwork picture for each chapter. The switch is genius for prepare chapters because it is relatively easy to use and it know croping the pictures. But The Switch doesn't kow save the prepared chapters points for further use. Therefore I welcome addition flags featue and they export as small substitute for missing saving.  I know the flags isn't dedicated for this use, but it is one way how I can save chapter points. If you will have any idea how change my workflow for creating chapters and specialy how restore previous added chapterspoint then I will be very happy.
    Thank you.
    p.s. One chapter points contains two items: 1. the time of begining in video and 2. the picture which doesn't be at the same time. The picture is usualy taken few second later.

  • Petr Simunek said:
    I have my own editor for creating the packages contains all metadata

     Can you explain this in more detail? Perhaps we need to investigate compatibility. Understanding your workflow using chapters can be very helpful to our developers.

  • I wrote itunes editor in PHP and it is private application. It is about 5 years old, I use it long time before Switch :). Input formats of chapters is: set of cropped images and txt file with parametres (see example in attachment). Before use the Switch, our graphics crew uses simple script in Sony Vegas which made chapters structure. Now we left Vegas (and MS Windows world) a we use the Macs only.

    But my problem isn't conversion from exported xml from switch (using export iTunes Store Package). My main problem is, that isn't possible saving the prepared chapters (inspect:time). It often happens that I need to export the same chapters again (another aperture, one of thumbnails contains inappropriate content, etc.).

    That's why I would like to welcome the possibility to save parameter settings in the inspector. But if saving does not work, I'm looking for other ways to simplify my work. The Flags Inspector could be one of them.

  • p.s. Perhaps it would be enough to add chapter export / import. The only difference with Flags would be that one timecode would be the beginning of the chapter and the second timecode would be the time to take a preview.

  • Petr Simunek Thanks for those details. That really gives us a good idea of your workflow.

    LP  will document the request along with the explanation of your workflow so the developers can understand the need and purpose.

  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database. 

  • LP Thanks for that.

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