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Wirecast 7.7

3 Mac based studio (Wirecast switch, Zoom/Capture, Monitoring)

AJA io 4K



We use NDI to feed output to another Mac in the studio, which has two displays connected to it for audience and confidence monitors.  It's amazing as the latency is LOWER than connecting a monitor directly to our AJA io 4K!  However, when we start the FB Live Output 10 mins before show time, Wirecast interrupts the NDI Output and starts a new NDI Output feed with the same name and (2) tagged to the end.  Then we have to go to the "monitor Mac" and tell it what NDI feed to use.  This is an annoying quirk.  

What's a work-around? 



We use NDI Monitor in conjunction with NDI Scan Converter to share our Zoom video conference software with the Wirecast Mac.  

Right now I have to resort to plugging another audio device into our Zoom Mac and setting that as the System Sound Output to in effect disable the audio output from NDI Monitor.  This is necessary to facilitate the necessary audio "mix-minus" feed back to the guests on Zoom.  

Is there a way to disable the audio in the NDI Monitor app?

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  • Q1.  This is caused by Bonjour name conflicts when WireCast stops then starts the NDI feed very quickly.  The only solution is to actively terminate the first NDI feed (assuming you can) then wait a couple of seconds before starting again.  We have lobbied NewTek for a UID mechanism which would eliminate this type of issue, and perhaps long term it may change.  Another solution from the developers would be for WireCast to cleanly close the first connection then wait a short period before starting a new connection.

    Q2. NDI Monitor doesn't currently have an audio active selector, but this is something we can consider for a future update.  If you want a virtual output device to save plugging something in, install SoundFlower.

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  • NDI Cloud said:
    Another solution from the developers would be for WireCast to cleanly close the first connection then wait a short period before starting a new connection.

     George Whittam  and NDI Cloud a worthwhile feature request.
    LP can log that for you.

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  • CraigS. @ndi cloud  yes, that would be incredibly helpful. Last night we tried stopping the NDI output,  then starting the Facebook stream, then starting the ndi output again. Even then it still created the second ndi output.

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  • George Whittam Thanks for the example. We'll investigate.

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  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database. 

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  • LP Thanks for that.

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  • NDI Cloud Thanks for adding Audio Mute option in NDI Monitor!  Now if I could only get NDI Recorder to capture a stream from Wirecast 7 without it falling apart mid-show. 

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  • Hi George 

    Please contact me via email so we can pursue your issue.  I know we had been looking into this.

    In particular we need to know if its only an issue with wirecast as the NDI source,


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  • NDI Cloud If you believe it's Wirecast do let us know of course. It may also be worth testing in Wirecast 8.2 to determine if the issue is present in the current version.

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  • CraigS

    I hope we aren't required to purchase a $300 upgrade to 8 to repair bugs in 7.

    We've invested $1800 in Wirecast in the last 3 years. 

    NDI Cloud  I'll reach out to you.  I think we already have an email ticket open about this.  

    I am endlessly frustrated with unpredictable behavior in Wirecast.  We'll tech and test our systems before going live, then have problems during the live show I have work-around while hosting the show and not look flustered on camera. 

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  • George Whittam Testing in 8.2 would help us to determine if we already have a fix.  Then we can figure out what to do if there is or is not a fix yet.

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  •  NDI Cloud I figured out a NDI bug in Wirecast 7.7 and now know the workaround.

    If we Start NDI Output BEFORE we go live on Facebook, we must stop the NDI Output first, or a 2nd NDI Output will be created.  This we know.

    However, what we didn't know is that stopping NDI Output also breaks the ability for Wirecast to receive an NDI signal until Wirecast is Quit and opened again.

    The workaround is to create the FB Live feed FIRST, then start NDI Output, then start the FB Stream.  This seems to allow NDI inputs to function normally.  

    Hoping the bug is fixed in Wirecast 8.  Anyone know?


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  • CraigS How can I get a working copy of WC 8.2 without having to pay for an upgrade? 

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  • George Whittam Are our trials are free but watermarked.

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