Replay 'build out' transitions don't work

I'm using Wirecast 7.1 (all other newest versions crashing all the time on my configuration, tried everything with no luck so I stuck with what works).
I have a problem with replay shots, the build-in 'smooth' transition works perfectly but the build-out is always cut, event if I choose 'smooth'.
When I put the empty replay layer to test, it works, but with a real replay it doesn't.
Am I doing something wrong?

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  • PS :
    I'm on a late-2014 Retina 15'' MacBook Pro on Sierra (up to date).

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  • Nicolas Giraud Sorry but you'll have to update to 7.7. If newer versions are crashing then there's an issue that must be addressed. 

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  • CraigS  Thanks for the answer!
    I know but I am at one week from a big live surf event, have to test the workflow tomorrow with the crew, so I stuck with what works for now :(
    All newer versions crash all the time, and this one works (except this little bug, i'll live with it). I'll get back here after the event, with a clean OS and WireCast install on my laptop to see if it still bugs with 7.7. May be a preference issue or smth, but I have no time to start investigating now and I can't touch the setup since it works... Thank you, i'll be back after the live!

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  • Nicolas Giraud It's possible this might be fixed with an update. 
    in the meantime you can try reseting preferences.
    Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but click on the lower left Rest Preferences.
    Also you can create a New Document and create a Replay shot and see if it works as expected in the new document.

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  • CraigS Thanks! Already tried those with no luck,i'll reinstall everything after the event and come back to investigate more on 7.7. Thanks!!

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  • Nicolas Giraud Let me know as soon as you test with 7.7.

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  • CraigS Hi Craig, just went back from the event.
    So I reinstalled everything and 7.7 works, but I still have my replay transition problem. When I create a replay shot selecting smooth in/ smooth out, it's smooth in, but cut out. What do I do wrong? Thanks!

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  • Nicolas Giraud Did you create a new document. Documents created in a previous version might retain the problem.

    Can you show me an example, how is replay shot configured and what you transitioning the replay to?

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  • CraigS Yes I tried all fresh.
    What I do :

    - I am streaming my live video
    - I start ISO recording

    - When something happens, I create a replay shot (set to smooth in / smooth out).
    - Edit my I/O points
    - Play it

    What occurs is that when I play it it fades in correctly, but when it ends and the stream comes back to the live, it's cut. Doesn't happen when I manually takes the replay off before its end.

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  • Nicolas Giraud said:
    I create a replay shot (set to smooth in / smooth out).

     Can you provide more details on this?  You can use a Template or add the shot to a playlist or just select the shot from the Master Layer.

    Please provide detailed step by step.

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  • CraigS Yep sorry, I was missing details. I created a template with my own 'replay' logo (you know, to match the event's graphic codes). It was a WSL surf competition. So when a good wave occured, I created the replay shot (which automatically fitted to my template - only the 'replay' logo added + smooth in/ smooth out settings), marked my 'in' on the take-off, my 'out' after the last maneuver, and shortly after, put the replay live. At the end of the replay -when it comes back to the live-, my 'replay' button fades out but not the clip. When I don't mark out and manually switches the replay off, it's ok.

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  • Nicolas Giraud Thanks for that description. I'm seeing the same thing creating a similar template. Logo fades but shot cuts even when Smooth is the selected transition. Please do fill out the form and include the description you just posted. After you get a case number you may want to do a screen capture showing what you are seeing. It looks like Source Properties When Finished may impact the Replay as well (Loop, Remove, Hold) so it doesn't auto transition back.

    One workaround may be to create a Playlist and place the Template in there as the Playlist can have a selected transition in/out.

    Wirecast Support Form

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  • CraigS Thanks for the answer. Filled the form explaining everything. I thought about this workaroud, but as it goes reaaaally fast in that type of events, I can't go with a two-more-clicks solution (which become four hundred more clicks at the end of the day :)
    Thanks again for your time, and I hope y'all fix it in 7.8!

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  • Nicolas Giraud You're welcome of course. It's odd that only the logo fades. We'll investigate. 

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