Replay 'build out' transitions don't work

I'm using Wirecast 7.1 (all other newest versions crashing all the time on my configuration, tried everything with no luck so I stuck with what works).
I have a problem with replay shots, the build-in 'smooth' transition works perfectly but the build-out is always cut, event if I choose 'smooth'.
When I put the empty replay layer to test, it works, but with a real replay it doesn't.
Am I doing something wrong?

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  • PS :
    I'm on a late-2014 Retina 15'' MacBook Pro on Sierra (up to date).

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  • Nicolas Giraud Sorry but you'll have to update to 7.7. If newer versions are crashing then there's an issue that must be addressed. 

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  • CraigS  Thanks for the answer!
    I know but I am at one week from a big live surf event, have to test the workflow tomorrow with the crew, so I stuck with what works for now :(
    All newer versions crash all the time, and this one works (except this little bug, i'll live with it). I'll get back here after the event, with a clean OS and WireCast install on my laptop to see if it still bugs with 7.7. May be a preference issue or smth, but I have no time to start investigating now and I can't touch the setup since it works... Thank you, i'll be back after the live!

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  • Nicolas Giraud It's possible this might be fixed with an update. 
    in the meantime you can try reseting preferences.
    Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but click on the lower left Rest Preferences.
    Also you can create a New Document and create a Replay shot and see if it works as expected in the new document.

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  • CraigS Thanks! Already tried those with no luck,i'll reinstall everything after the event and come back to investigate more on 7.7. Thanks!!

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  • Nicolas Giraud Let me know as soon as you test with 7.7.

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