Newb Question: Webpage Display Help?

I watched a couple videos about Wirecast 7 and 7.3 and getting started but I don't understand this bit: If you are going to have a webpage display behind your camera, do you still need a green screen? If you're going to do a screen capture instead, would you need a green screen? The guys in the videos have one but they never said you have to or don't have to.

Thanks! Wirecast Pro 7.3, Windows 7 Ultimate i7. 

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  • For displaying a webpage you don't need a greenscreen. You can even put a webcam image in the forground of a webpage Rectangle overlay, like Picture in Picture. The magic comes with the greenscreen. If you want to put yourself on top of a webpage WITHOUT the background from the cam that is filming you then you need a greenscreen. The green is made "transparent" by the keying process so that only the character filmed can be overlayed.

  • Generally if you want to key the foreground subject full screen over background you'd want green screen. Of course if you're only doing a inset box Picture in Picture and don't mind the box, it wouldn't be critical. That's an aesthetic decision.

  • Full Screen Chroma Key


  • Lower Right Inset without key 

  • Yep I'll be buying green screen material then, thanks guys!:)

  • Don't forget about lighting. Chromakey works best if you have proper lighting.

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  • As Jens notes, lighting is critical. Ideally the light on the screen should be even (flat) for best keying.

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