Powerpoint stopped playing audio on my mac


Please help.

Powerpoint audio stopped working on my mac. If I remember correctly this happened after an update of office 365 was installed (maybe week ago).

The Mac is up to date software wise (operating system, office, and flip4mac player). The embedded audio is wma.

Any help will be much appreciated.


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  • I'd like to help but I need more details.

    • Please confirm you are using Flip4Mac 3.3.8.x
    • Please confirm whether you are using Player, Player Pro or, Studio.
    • Please confirm you are using macOS 10.12.1
    • Please include the specific version of PowerPoint.

    As a test can you play the .wma file in the stand alone Flip Player?

  • Great... exams are coming and all my lectures went silent.

     here's the info:

    - Flip4Mac Ver.  (202549)

    - Flip4Mac Player

    - macOS 10.12.1

    - PowerPoint Ver. 15.28  (161115)

    --->  Yes, can play a .wma file in the stand alone Flipplayer

  • Thanks. Those are the details I need. Since Flip Player can play them the audio should be compatible. You can play video but not audio from PowerPoint so we'll investigate what's going awry. I believe another user discovered the same issue. Fill out the support from and link to this thread so the engineer can read the details and specs. We'll send you a case number so you'll be able to communicate by email with that as reference.

    Flip4Mac Support Form

  • I have the same issue - I filed already a support form. I also updated to the most recent Flip4Mac Player version, even though I mentioned in the Support form that I was still running on the previous version. All the other specifications are identical with the OP.

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  • I just downloaded Flip4mac as it was stated that it would resolve my inability  to view my embedded video's ( .wmv files ) in my PowerPoint Presentations.   Unfortunately I was unable.   Here are the specifics:    - Flip4Mac Ver. (202549),  -QuickTime Player 7 Version 7.6.6 (1709), - macOS 10.12.2, PowerPoint Ver. 14.2.1  (120420).   I need some instructions on what to do next.  Thank you.

  • Mark Hochman Video should work. The only reported issue is with audio.
    There are a few WMV codecs that may not be compatible.
    Open the WMV itself directly in our Flip Player and see if it plays.

  • CraigS- it will play in the Flip Player.   Thank you.

  • Thanks for testing. Confirm again that the video doesn't play in Power Point.

    While there's a known issue with audio (we're investigating), if video doesn't play in your case, we may want to investigate to see if there's an additional issue.

    Also open the file in Quicktime Player 7 specifically and use Window > Show Movie Inspector and post what it says next to format. That may give us important codec information.

  • CraigS 

  • Hello Craig- It is now all working properly.   I can view and hear video/audio from my embedded WMV. files in PowerPoint.   Not sure why it didn't work when I first loaded it, but it is working now.


  • Mark Hochman Great to hear it's working again. Sometimes lower level issues are fixed by the OS's internal maintenance or sometimes a reboot.

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