Multichannel audio support through SDI and pro Audio interfaces

The lack of multichannel audio support is really what is making us look at Wirecast alternatives.

WC 7 is a great update and has some nice features. The VST plugin support and ISO-recording are among our favorites. But these are of no use to us if one can only record 2 muxed channels of audio per device. This is really holding us back from upgrading to WC 7. To avoid audio clock issues you want all audio coming in through one device and have control over separate channels.

WC doesn't support pro audio interfaces from the likes of Apogee, Avid or Universal Audio. If that's difficult then at least support the full SDI standard so we can inject multichannel audio into an SDI input. This won't allow us to EQ or compress individual channels for live streaming, but at least we can process individual audio channels during editing.


Thank for listening!

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  • Thanks for the input. Please fill out the Feature Request form and link to this forum thread so the developers can read.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • I agree. I was a OBS user and was seriously considering Wirecast and downloaded the trial version. I fell in love with Wirecast until I found out there was no ASIO support. For me that was a deal breaker. I'm glad I was able to find that out before dropping the cash. I would think that a $500 piece of software and certainly the $999 pro version would support most professional audio interfaces and have a decent mixing interface.

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  • I was requesting ASIO support since ages, really. Hopefully they will address it in a future release.

    A 4x4 Matrix mixer would suite wirecast good as well.

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  • Craig Erickson The developers really need to hear that. Please do fill out the form and express that. They need to know both the interest as well as the impact in purchase decisions.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • Jens Jarke Do feel free to use your case number and email asking for a status update on the feature request. 

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  • I have already sent in the feature request form right after you answered my initial post Craig. So that should have been received by the development team. I would gladly do it again if necessary.

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  • By the way. Does Wirecast 7 support third party VST plugins? We read somewhere that it only works with the ones provided by Telestream. Is that correct?

    As an AV studio we have invested heavily in lots of high quality plugins that we would love to be able to use for broadcasting purposes in Wirecast.

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  • Rob Swart with the case number you received you may want to respond by email and ask about a status update. Show of sustained interest may impact development priority.

    I believe it only works with included VST plugins but if you download a trial of a third party VST plugin set you can verify it. In fact you may specify specific examples of plugins you need that aren't supported so the developers understand the importance.

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  • CraigS Thanks for your reply Craig. 

    We have received word from development that they are working on implementing support for multichannel audio interfaces. No timeframe yet though. But that is promising news.

    We haven't upgraded to Wirecast 7 yet because of this issue. So unfortunately we can't test third party VST plugins. I believe VST functionality doesn't work in the trial version as all these extras are reserved for the Pro version of Wirecast 7.

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  • Rob Swart Thanks for that update and confirming that support for multichannel audio interfaces is in development.

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  • I agree.  VST support would be awesome.  At the very least I need to be able to sum the 2 channel output into a mono channel.  Or have the ability to use the two embedded camera audio channels separately.  VST compatibility would go a long way in this area since there are plug-ins that can handle a lot of these issues.

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  • Chris Ritchie Do submit the previously posted Feature Request form. The developers need to hear about the interest.

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