Record system audio even when using bluetooth headphones

When I use a tool like Audio Hijack Pro, it can capture system audio regardless of whether that audio is output to the speakers on my laptop, the physical headphone jack, or bluetooth headphones.  ScreenFlow should be able to do the same, but instead it complains when I'm using my bluetooth headphones, that it's unable to record bluetooth output.

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  • Can you use Audio Hijack to send to ScreenFlow? Have you tried SoundFlower or Loopback?

    It's possible that such routing around system sound is something Apple may not approve of as it modifies how system sound is used. I'm not seeing any of the above in the Mac App Store, for example.

    Do you know of a competing screen capture program that offers such option built in?

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  • Not sure.  I'm currently using Loopback to work around the problem as it allows me to capture the audio I'm interested in and route it to ScreenFlow as an audio device instead of system audio.

    I want to say that in preparing this reply, I discovered that I have mis-characterized the problem.  When Audio Hijack is activated, it interrupts the flow of audio to my bluetooth headphones.  This is similar to ScreenFlow except that ScreenFlow will just refuse to try when the bluetooth headphones are in use.  Either way, the bluetooth headphones are a problem.

    Sorry for the confusion.

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  • More info about Audio Hijack.  As I said before, it interrupts the flow of audio to my bluetooth headphones.  But I discovered that I can restore the flow within its audio graph by adding an explicit output for the bluetooth headphones and then it works.

    Based on this, I still think it's possible that ScreenFlow could do something similar with its TelestreamAudio.kext kernel extension.

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  • Michael Sullivan But this kind of routing may not be permitted under Apple sandboxing rules (required for Mac App Store version for example). It might require a separate app but those already exist. You can make the feature request but I see potential problems with implementation given Apple's potential restrictions and that there are solutions which may work with ScreenFlow already.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

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  • Michael Sullivan tasleem wasiq

    Would you please try again with the ScreenFlow 7.3 Beta

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  • High guys,

    I'm trying hard to find a way to keep using screen flow with my AirPods, but it seems just impossible.

    I need to record training with my coach but since my daughter messed up with the jack of my headphones, I need to use my AirPods.

    Problem : I cannot record the sound of my computer while I record the sound of the microphone.

    I am using the version 7.3 (31011)

    Is there any chance it might work, or should I just give up and work on a plan B..?



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  • Belal Please update to ScreenFlow 7.3.1. Updates include fixes. Always stay current. Set ScreenFlow to check for updates automatically in Preferences or please check frequently if you are checking manually. ScreenFlow fixed several Bluetooth related issues.

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