Text properties have disappeared

Thanks for reading......I am having an issue with text properties.  When I pull up the text box.  Everything below the height and width have disappeared, and I can not get them back.


I am using Wirecast 7.


Thank you

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  • I'd like to help but there's not enough information.
    If you're on Wirecast 7 you may not have the most recent version.
    Please update to Wirecast 7.7 and confirm that.
    Reboot the computer and test in a new blank document.
    Please include your OS version.
    If you are on a non English (localized) version of Wirecast please include the language.

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  • I am on Norwegian MAC OSX 10.11.6 (El Capitan) newly upgraded to WC v. 11.0.0 (12.9c4c1261) and no Text properties showing here either. Tried everything except upgrading OS.  WC 10.11.6 works fine. Bummer. Was planning to do a broadcast using v.11, but no-go as this is obviously a showstopper. 

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  • Ronny Hofsøy Wirecast 11 System Requirements minimum compatible OS is High Sierra. So you must update your OS.

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  • I am having the same problem with the text box missing as well as another thing.  I've read that Wirecast has a de-interlacing feature within the preferences pane, but I don't see any special de-interlacing option.  I have magewell capture dongles on all my camera's, but can't seem to fix the interlaced issue within the camera preferences or Magewell's, so having that feature inside Wirecast is most needed at this point.

    As for the text box, I would gladly upgrade to the newest Mac OS (Mojave) if I thought it was the fix, but Wirecast's posted technical specs recommend High Sierra. I'm assuming because of issues with Mojave.



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  • Jason Dennis I'd like to help but it's not clear if you have the current version of Wirecast. The previous post was about Wirecast 11. Wirecast on Mac is now up to 11.1.1. Updates include fixes so please keep current and test with 11.1.1. It's compatible with Mojave and requires at least High Sierra.

    The previous posts concerned a very old version of Wirecast (7) and running Wirecast 11 on an incompatible OS (El Capitan). Both combinations of which should be avoided.

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  • CraigS Hi Craig. It seems like your advice is to update my OS from High Sierra to Mojave. My Magewell dongles are up to date and I am running the most current release of wirecast. Do you believe that upgrading my OS will fix both issues I mentioned? If not maybe you can recommend another plan of action. 

    Also, I just bought the program last month and love it. I have problems, nothing special there I’m sure, but it’s good to here such a quick response from you. I was in the “que” for some email support, but never heard anything back so thanks for your quick reply. 

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  • Jason Dennis If you're on 11.1.1 High Sierra should work fine. Please make sure you update Wirecast. Also test with a document in the newest version as previously created documents may carry over the issue. I'd also recommend reseting Wirecast Preferences just as precautionary maintenance once updating to 11.1.1. Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but click on lower left Reset Preferences. Also make sure High Sierra is the last version 10.13.6. 

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  •  Hello! Much to my surprise I completely overlooked my OS’s current state.  I was only in El Capitan instead of High Sierra. I simply updating my operating system he gave me back my text box. Now there’s all new functionality with wire cast that is going to be a lot of fun Showcasing for my online students.  

    One of the things I still had a question on though, is there a de-interlacing feature within Wirecast Studio or pro? If so,  that has not shown itself yet. 

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  • Jason Dennis It may depend on the capture device. 


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  • CraigS thanks for that screen shot. That helps. I’m using magewell’s usb capture dongles. They have deinterlacing options for their software. I’ll see if I can’t get it to work better from that end.

    As a beginner Wirecast user, Is there any reason for me to upgrade to Mojave or just stay with HS?

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  • Jason Dennis There's no real advantage to Mojave that I can see at this point.

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  • Jason Dennis  - From a wirecast perspective, I agree with CraigS  100% - But, if your workstation does more than wirecast - there may be some Mojave features you might want to use. It really depends on your current usage of your computer.


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  • Greg Kuhnert Thanks guys! Wonderful.

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