Bonded cellular backup

I am trying to find a solution so I can have bonded cellular backup. I purchased a liveu unit and I'm not getting what I want. All of the units I find are basically getting a video signal and sending to an assigned rtmp. What I would like to find is something that gets online and has the bonded backup but lets me use Wirecast to choose the rtmp .. thoughts?

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  • I tested the Mushroom Networks Streamer - it's comparable to Liveu, but it's a data connection only. I found Speedify to be interesting http://speedify.com/ check them out - no bonder, you just supply aircards and/or network to USB adapters for physical connections.

  • To be clear, do you need to stream to two RTMP destinations (one as backup)?
    Do both need to be coming from bonded devices?
    Wirecast would chose the RTMP only if it were the encoder. You can use Wirecast to send to one location and you can either try Wirecast External Display Output or Wirecast Pro Video out through Blackmagic or AJA device to a bonded device to target the other RTMP address.

  • CraigS I'm trying to basically find a bonded solution that doesn't have its own settings for rtmp but to use wirecast settings. basically it would need to be more like peplink but i haven't had success with that solution

  • Brian Glazen I don't think that would be possible. Bonded devices take a video source and then send to a server. Even if one where to recognize an RTMP source (much as Wirecast Web Stream can in certain circumstances) it would still need to encode to send. The nature of the device is that it is also an encoder.

  • just to be clear then. how would I send via Wirecast over a bonded cellular network then. I thought Wirecast needed to be via rtmp

  • Brian Glazen Wirecast Studio's External Display Output or Wirecast Pro Video Out can be hardwired from the computer to a Bonded device. Teradek Bond, LiveU etc.

  • ok do you prefer one over the other? price is so very different on these..im researching liveu, teradek,mushroom, streambox

  • so would you on the new MacBook Pro touch bar- convert a thunderbolt 3 port to hdmi then to one of the bonded devices

  • Brian Glazen For professional use I consider Video Out more professional since it's not going through the GPU. You'd go TB3 to HDMI or SDI to go to a bonded device.

  • Brian Glazen Personal preference is Teradek. There are people on the forum who have used the others though.

  • Brian Glazen I should mention you could try just using Wirecast Studio External Display Output before committing to Wirecast Pro since you can upgrade only if needed. I know there's a power draw limit on TB3 MBP so you may only be able to use one input and one output.

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