How can I create a round cropped live image of my camera

I want to crop my camera image in a round shape and overlay it onto my screen while I'm doing screencasts. Is this possible?

I already tried making a PNG file with a green background and a transparent circle in the middle and then using chroma key to filter out the green and overlaying that onto the camera image, but that didn't work. Any other ideas?



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  • In Shot Layer Properties change Matte to Oval and then the Crop parameters shape and size the circle.


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  • Hi Craig, how can I achieve this same thing in Wirecast 12.1.1? It seems not to be working, the oval gets cropped instead of changing shape to a circle...I appreciate your help...

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  • Julio Lemmen-Meyer Many users asked us to change the way the Crop function works. At one time it would change the shape of the Matte. Currently, it simply crops the edges.

    You can create any shape you'd like in your favorite photo editor and import it as a Matte. Just drop it in as a Shot and it automatically appears as a Matte option.

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  • Thanks Craig! I did that and it worked, I thought I was missing something or doing something wrong when working with the Matte. I appreciate your quick response, it helps a lot to know the way crop works changed. 

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  • Julio Lemmen-Meyer It may not be obvious in the documentation that it's changed. Making your own and importing them allows for a lot of flexibility though. No longer limited to the shapes we provide.

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