External Display Output not working on for saved documents


I'm having an issue when trying to get the External Display Output to work when I've opened a saved document. I've noticed this issue in Wirecast 7.3 - 7.5.

If I start Wirecast then open the saved document after opening Wirecast when I select the External Display Output nothing happens.

If I start Wirecast by double clicking on the saved document then it appears to work.

It appears that when start Wirecast it creates a new document but when you then go to open a document it fails release the resources used by the new document so that they can be used by the opened document.

I'm running Wirecast 7.5 on 64-bit Windows 10 version 1607.

The PC is a Dell Precision 85810 Workstation with the following configuration.
- Xeon E5-1660 v4 CPU
- 32GB Ram
- 512GB Solid State Drive (for OS and Wirecast)
- 3x 1.2TB SAS Drives in HW RAID 0 (for Video storage during recording)
- NVidia Quadro K1200 (connected to 2x Displays and 1x TV)
- Black Magic Design DeckLink Quad 2 (connected to 3x Sony cameras via SDI)
- Behringer Xenyx QX1204USB (connected via USB)


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  • I can confirm the behavior above, but with an additional twist on Wirecast 7_3. I can make the external display work fine on the default new template. I can save that template with a new name and the external display still works. BUT as soon as I close that set up and re-open the saved document using the wirecast icon , the external Display does not work at all. As Above, if I double click on the set up file to open wirecast, it does work. BUT when I re-open a saved document, I get the warning message that wirecast has crashed in the past and must recover documents or else. I know from experience that any time I try to use this recover option that wirecast 7_x will have an "Un-handled exception" and crash completely. I did try resetting preferences to get rid of this behavior with no success. Anyway, if I say NOT to recover lost files it seems to work.

     As a comment for the wirecast development team: I happen to need a complicated set up for many of our broadcasts. It takes me a lot of time to manually re-create each shot and layer anytime we update anything. I have 16+ active wirecast set ups for ongoing broadcasts and the requirement to start from scratch any time something glitches, or anytime wirecast or windows updates is a serious problem for anyone using wirecast pro that has a lot of set up templates or virtual sets. It takes hours to rebuild and test wirecast and each of the set ups after any of these software events. I would request that you find a way to avoid this. I cannot even update wirecast unless I have a few days to rebuild and test between broadcasts.

    Wirecast set up:

    Wirecast 7_3 Pro

    MSI Apache 960 laptop
    Windows 10 Home v1607

    Intel Core I7 6700Q at 2.6 ghz
    16 GB Ram
    NVidia GTX960 Graphics

    Multiple HD Cameras connected via Roland V40 Mixer
    V40 input to Wirecast via "Magewell USB Capture HDMI" USB 3 Dongle

    Frequent use of Screen capture from External Monitor as an input

  • The Desting Group said:
    It appears that when start Wirecast it creates a new document but when you then go to open a document it fails release the resources used by the new document so that they can be used by the opened document.

     After further testing I can confirm Les's analysis quoted here. Here is what I did:


    Test 1:

    I clicked the desktop wirecast icon to open wirecast. It opens as a blank document. I then opened a know-good wirecast template and closed the blank document. everything worked fine EXCEPT the external monitor out would not output, even though wirecast showed BOTH of my external monitors.

    Test 2: I opened the SAME known-good wirecast template using Les's "double click on set up file" in explorer method. Amazingly, the External monitor Output NOW WORKS!


    So I think his analysis that the blank document captures the resources of the external monitors and does not release them seems to be correct...

  • David Cranfill The current version of Wirecast is 7.6. Please update and test with a NEW DOCUMENT created in Wirecast 7.6. Updates include fixes and enhancements so please stay current.

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