Can you stream to Instagram?

I have tried to find the RMTP settings for Instagram but to no avail...

Can you stream LIVE to Instagram at all?

Thank you

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  • I don't think they have an API yet to allow other software to stream to. Please make the feature request and we may talk to them about it.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

  • Has anyone been able to stream to Instagram from anything but a phone?

  • Ben Workman 
    Sadly there is no public API for live streaming to Instagram at the time.

  • Thanks Amador -- looking into



    as a way to possibly pull an rtmp destination and key, though certainly not as elegant as a public api and destination in Wirecast would be.

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  • Actually, there is a service called Loola.tv that has added the IG url to their platform. However, I haven't found the UI to be very stable.

  • David Galligan Thanks for that tip. Since IG doesn't officially allow desktop streaming there's a number of workarounds but often awkward or with issues.

  • CraigS Also.... yellowduck.tv is another IG asset that generates the IG stream URL and key for rtmp integration. (however, I don't like the fact that AS SOON AS you log into the yellow duck account, the stream goes live immediately.... even if you haven't entered the stream url and key. This makes it weird for your viewers if they are quick to join your live stream because they see a black screen while you copy paste the credentials and click the LIVE button on the Wirecast UI.)

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  • David Galligan So many workarounds. If only Instagram allowed streaming from desktop. Since Facebook owns Instagram they probably have some nontechnical reason for not allowing it.

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  • David Galligan


    This is another solution, that requires no external third party services. Certainly the API provided by Ben Workman  a year ago is another solution. Someone could quite easily knock that together to a command line tool that would generate a RTMP URL - or even better, to generate a FMLE.XML file which is already supported by Wirecast to import settings. Nice and easy :)


  • Hello! You can use this service https://instafeed.me to get Wirecast template + stream key for Live streaming to Instagram.

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  • Vladimir Sobolev Thanks for adding that to the list of solutions.

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  • Vladimir Sobolev Is there any way for broadcasting in portrait mode or , even better, in 16/9 portrait mode? 

    I Use Ciclano.io but during pandemic it's unusable and unreliable.

  • Mauro Casciari You can safely stream 16:9 to Instagram and mobile app will crop view to 9:16 middle part, but on website you can view full 16:9 frame!

    Just keep your stream bitrate below 2000 kbps to avoid any kicks.

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  • Vladimir Sobolev It's very hard to follow my show seeing only the central part of the 16/9 screen...😉


  • Mauro Casciari Well, you can restream your Youtube live in Youtube mode with autorotation! 

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  • Vladimir Sobolev F*cking genius!

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  • Has anyone used instafeed to stream to ig? How stable have you found it? What version of wirecast did you have success with? 

  • Vladimir Sobolev  Can you explain how to do this?  Im using Restream to send prerecorded video to FB, YouTube and trying to add IG using Yellow Duck, but only getting 9:16 video which looks horrible.  Is there any support page to show how to do what you are suggesting?

  • Mauro Casciari Do you have any info on how to do this?  I'm using Restream to stream prerecorded video to FB, YouTube and trying to do IG with Yellow Duck but only getting 9:16 video on app.  Any help would be appreciated!!

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  • Dane Wutke I have a template for Wirecast13+ on page available to download

  • Liza Wolf Where are you entering the Stream Key & RTMP Key within wirecast?

  • David Galligan I am clearly needing new  glasses, but where are you entering the stream and rtmp keys?

  • noyb smoov 

  • A safe, stable and modern solution can be Promovgram

    • You can make live streams via RTMP with any supported software (OBS, Wirecast, etc)

    • You can upload and schedule pre-recorded videos as live on your Instagram page

    • You have detailed analytics of your live streams


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