Using Layers and playlist(s) - Playlist transition on all layers?

Sorry, if i am asking a noob question. But i just can't find the answer on youtube (tutorials) or on the web.

I have multiple layers. Video, the banner (including logo) and one layer for the logo right on the upper part.

If i make a playlist that contains the logo on the right upper part and determine a transition between that one and another logo: the ENTIRE image, so ALL layers get that transition.

But that is not what i want. I only want the transition to be on the layer of the playlist.

Can that somehow be done?


On the screenshot you can see that all layers, including video, banner move. I don't want that. I only want ONE layer (the one with the playlist) to move. 





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  • Two shots. One with logo and one without. Transition between them. 

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  •   CraigS Thanks for thinking with me. Unfortunately i am pretty new to the product, so need more details. Maybe to clarify:


    Background = Webcam

    On top = Text/Banner/Logo bottom side

    ON top = Logo right upper side


    I would like the upper right side logo to transit, but not the rest. How to do it in steps? 

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  • Domien Stoffels  Create two shots, one with logo and one without. Dissolve between them or you could try Smooth transition but that might require a "dummy" layer where the logo was.

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