Im searching for the best controller to use with Wirecast 11 and on. The X keys controller for Wirecast is a bit dated now. Any thoughts on a controller now? I use a Macbook Pro with Thunderbolt 3

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  • Something not on this list?


    If you have something in mind you may want to make the feature request. Of course, it's quite possible you may be looking for the best device to request.

  • Brian Glazen Do you have specific new models you'd like us to investigate support for?  Whether XKeys or any other? Please do list newest models you'd like to see supported. Our developers are very interested in knowing what new controllers users are looking at.

  • These are current X-Keys models. XK-128 still looks current. The XK-80 looks interesting though. BTW you'll see there's now one specific to Wirecast.


  • More here on their site.
    And on our site .

    And with video example

  • Hi Brian Glazen . I personally use APC40 Mk2. In terms of wirecast use, it is perfect from a hardware perspective. However, there are some concerns with how it interfaces with Wirecast.

    1. Audio mute: There is no mapping to allow muting an audio track on the controller.
    2. Monitor out: There is no mapping to allow toggling monitor out on the controller.
    3. Stream / Record / ISO: There are three keys that would be perfect for this. However, they are not mapped.
    4. Channel allocation is currently random - I hope this will be fixed in v12.

    However, even with all of the above, the APC40 Mk2 is still the best pick in my opinion. Once #4 is fixed above, the rest will still be gaps/limitations - but won't cause any grief mid stream.


  • Greg Kuhnert said:
    Channel allocation is currently random - I hope this will be fixed in v12.

     If you have a case number on this do email support and ask for a status update. That works as a reminder.

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