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Our church uses WireCast Pro 7.4.0, ProPresenter 5.3.3 and Desktop Presenter (not sure what version) on two different MACMini computers. We have been doing some security and naming convention changes on these two computers recently. This weekend, we found that the Desktop Presenter app would run, but we could not receive the signal in the WireCast app. I was told that is was being sent wirelessly, but the WireCast computer's wireless has an issue. Can this be changed to use the wired network between the two devices, or the Bluetooth connection, since they are within 20' of each other, in the same area?


I was not the one who set up this network, but he has left our church, and the tasks associated have been left for me to learn and resolve. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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  • You should be on Wirecast 7.7 and Desktop Presenter 2.0.8. Port 7272 must be  open for Desktop Presenter. These days you may want to consider using NDI though which is one reason why you should stay current with Wirecast. Read about NDI at the top of this product forum.

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