Latency with BirdDog Full NDI feeds

Does anyone have issues with BirdDog devices (P200 and Studio Minis) developing latency within Wirecast only over time.  I have both BirdDog devices and a PTZO 30x NDI HX cam and the PTZO cam is fine but the BirdDogs develop a large latency over the span of 10 minutes or so only within Wirecast.  Studio Monitor on the same PC at the same time is perfect with no latency.  A restart of the P200 and the Mini solves the latency for a few minutes and then it’s back. The PTZO HX feed has no issues.

 Core i7 8700k

Gigabyte z370 MB

32GB ram

Nvidia GTX1050TI

two NICS. One for general/internet other only for NDI.  NDI is on 192.168.100,xxx subnet.  Other is .200.xxx.

BMD Intensity Pro 4K (zcam input)

BMD Mini Recorder (Second PC screen cap)


BirdDog p200

BirdDog Mini

All new Unifi Network.  Cams are all on the same switch and the only things on the Vlan 1100, .100 network are the cameras and the NDI NIC of the streaming PC.

Anyone else with similar issues?  May be multiple things going on but I appears Wirecast May have an issue with either BirdDog devices or full NDI sources.



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  • Wirecast 13.1.3?
    I would test BirdDog alone in a new blank document with nothing else on the network.

  • I noticed poor image quality from the P200 in Wirecast. Not so with other software. What is your setup. I can test with a P200 and Studio devices to see if there is a lag after a few minutes. I don't have PTZO to test with. But given that they are HX and lower in bandwidth it might no matter that much.

  • Jens Jarke said:
    I noticed poor image quality from the P200 in Wirecast. Not so with other software.

     That in itself would be interesting since there's no reason for quality to suffer under normal use. Wirecast 13.1.x to ensure we're as current as possible with our NDI implementation.

  • Yes it was the latest Wirecast version. I'll see if I can get a screenshot or short video of it.

  • I just started testing BirdDog + Wirecast and was noticing some of this. My set-up was P200 > Wirecast had a large delay and  Wirecast NDI out > BirdDog Studio the latency was quite a lot. Haven't had more time to test but will soon, hopefully have more info to share.

  • Thanks for the replies so far.  Definitely an issue with Wirecast and BirdDog or at least FULL NDI streams.  This issue only appears in Wirecast.  My setup is:

    BirdDog P200

    PTZ Optics 30x NDI <---> BirdDog Mini 

    All three of these devices are connected to a US8-150 Unifi Switch.  That switch is uplinked via copper ethernet to a US24-250 Unifi Switch.

    The streaming PC has two NICs. One Intel onboard Gig NIC. One PCIE Gig NIC. One NIC is dedicated to NDI on a VLAN and 192.168.100.xxx Subnet. Other is for general internet and LAN use (192.168.200.xxx).

    Intel i7 8700k

    NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti

    32GB Ram

    Wirecast 13.1.3

    Delay does not show in Studio Monitor

    Delay develops over time (~10min) after a camera restart

    Delay is NOT present in the PTZO NDI-HX feed

    Only devices on the NDI VLAN are the PTZO cam, P200, MINI, and a PTZO Zcam which is not NDI and only for admin control.

  • Ob coc Create a document using Birddog and webcam only, Point cameras at a common subject (clock would be good), create a picture in picture shot and do a local recording only using MOV and that should document the increasing latency over time.

  • CraigS .  I've been out of town with my day job for the last week or so.  I have created a document as you said with only the birddog source and a SDI source and the lag is still there but I am not able to send this file at this time.  Dan from BirdDog did a remote session last week, saw the issue, inspected my network (very good and flat connections), etc.  He documented some things and said he would be in contact with his connections there at Telestream.  From some other user groups I think this is definitely an issue with Wirecast and BirdDog and or FULL NDI sources.  I will try to upload some documentation ASAP.  Hopefully Dan can get in contact with you or others there and get this worked out.

  • Ob coc said:
    He documented some things and said he would be in contact with his connections there at Telestream.

     That would be great. Do you have a case number from us so I can track it?

  • I do not.  Can you provide one?


    Here is a recording of the problem.


    Top left is P200, right is PTZO coming in via BirdDog Mini, bottom is PTZO NDI HX feed.  Same sources via studio monitor are as expected with Full NDI ahead of NDI HX.

  • Ob coc said:
    Can you provide one?

     Fill out the form and we'll email you back with an auto-generated case number.

    Thanks for the video. It makes it obvious.
    We're in contact with Dan from BirdDog.

  • CraigS  Any updates on this? Still having this issue with my BirdDog

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      Bryce Seifert It may be fixed in the next beta coming soon as I see NDI Sync Drift being fixed by the developers.

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