Using Wirecast to not stream but just record

I have been asked to use wirecast to produce a show that will need to be set to the following requirements.

Video profile HD 1080i 60  Bitrate 35 Mbps  Frame Rate 29.97 Codec XDCAM container MXF and Audio PCM 48Khz 24bit

I am not an expert so I am not certain how to set these things in wirecast or even if the software can do it.  I could record close to it and then use and editing program to export it at the right settings, (I think) but I am in new territory now.  Has anyone had to export at these settings and can Wirecast do it?

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  • There's really no purpose to recording XDCAM in a program like Wirecast. Also interlace isn't possible (and not used beyond broadcast). They should be able to use Apple ProRes and 29.97p which is now common for post production.

  • So am I supposed to record it in 1080p and then use an editing software to render it with to XDCAM with 29.97??  They will reject my files if I don't find a way to provide it the way they want it.  They are a cable TV network in LA and I am just a guy with a 10 year old radio show host in Orlando with some podcasting software and trying to learn.  They just care if i can get them what they need. 

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      Joseph Boy As a former professional ENG person myself I'm quite familiar with XDCAM requirements which, these days, are dated. That's a camera codec you'll only find, in cameras, or XDCAM external recorders. You can certainly  try feeding Wirecast to an external XDCAM recorder but you're not going to find much outside of Sony software that will record that. As Jens says, you can convert the file but that's going to be at some quality loss.

      These days those using Wirecast files for post workflows would use Apple ProRes which is certainly acceptable in such workflows. It's common to very high end Alexa cameras for example.

  • Take a look at handbrake or ffmpeg as an encoder option for the required format. Please remember that each transcoding is reducing the quality. In terms of editing the recording Davinci Resolve offers a free version that is highly capable of editing videos. Wirecast is mainly a video mixer with a streaming/recording output. Not that much a video editing or NLE software.

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