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I'm using the PUSH transition, which has a setting for direction. There is no way to set this in the default transition, which  means having to open the transition inspector every time I use it. This makes saving the defaults an utterly useless feature as I have to open up the settings EVERY SINGLE TIME.

As I'm doing a video that shows 100 keyboard shortcuts, this adds at least an hour to the editing process if not more.

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  • The default process could be even more functional if there were a way to establish a global library of user custom settings covering the various tool options including video, sound etc.

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  • Rikard Rodin  while not quite what you're looking for I'd thought I'd point out this often unnoticed feature.

    If you add a transition to Favorites it still doesn't save its Properties though.


    When asking for defaults you may want to explain where would they go and how would they be accessed for use/change.

  • It would be great if we where able to set the properties of a transition as default!
    (at preferences -> timeline, or wherever we can set the default transition in the future.)

    Also, when setting a transition as favorite it would be helpful to have it save the transition property settings too.

    I've changed the Push transition properties from 'Left to Right' to 'Right to Left' so many times, at this point I would be very happy to be able to set it as a default in some hidden config file if that is an option. (while waiting for a UI option.) 

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