Transitions with multiple clips in place are a pain in the ass. You have to:

1. Shrink the timeline to see all the clips to the right of the one you want to add transition to

2. Click on the top of the left most track (the one you want to add transition to) and then Shift + Click on the lower right most clip to select all the clips after the one you want to add the transition to

3. enlarge time line to see where you want to add the transition

4. Drag all selected clips to the left for the desired amount of transition time

5. Deselect clips

6. Adjust transition type and length


Camtasia workflow.  Grab desired transition and drag it to the two clips, adjust length if you want


How can you be so much better in some aspects but so archaic in something as basic as adding a transition?

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  • Select all clips from any point forward.
    Add Transition.

  • You may want to look at ScreenFlow Keyboard Shortcuts.

    • CraigS Thanks for sharing how to select the clips easier. How did you add the transition without dragging the clips over each other?

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      Lewis Kemper Once you use the selection arrow (and there is a keyboard command for that as well but I wanted to show the tool) you can transitions for all the clips selected (and you technically don't have to see the clips as the track select tool will select them even if they're not in the visible area of the timeline.

      In the Edit menu. They will be added to all the selected clips.

    • CraigS Thanks for your help. Lets say I just want to add a cross fade to one joint of two clips.  If I don't do the drag and overlap thing to I have to select the left clip and add an ending and then select the right clip and add a beginning? When I test it, that seems to be the only way to get a good fade

    • Lewis Kemper Or a Cube? Even if I put a cube on the end of one clip and the beginning of the next it doesn't work correctly, but if I drag and overlap it does,but then I have to move all the clips or close the gap. I am obviously missing something here.

  • Lewis Kemper said:
    When I test it, that seems to be the only way to get a good fade

     How would you want to get a crossfade? There would need to be an overlap of the media to do that. ScreenFlow allows for a starting or ending only transition as well so there's no overlap in that. That would allow one type of transition end and another type of transition in. This also allows for the common "dip to black" type transition.

    • CraigS You ask how I would want to do it.  The answer would be like in Camtasia where you just drag a transition over where 2 clips meet and the transition overlaps the two clips and works the way you want, without having to drag your clips. You know something simple and easy that doesn't require you to have to select all your clips from both the video and audio tracks and drag them. Obviously it can be done, Camtasia does it.

  • Lewis Kemper said:
    Even if I put a cube on the end of one clip and the beginning of the next it doesn't work correctly,

     Again because ScreenFlow has Start and End only transitions so it doesn't create an overlap. You would have to overlap.

  • Yes, this is how iMovie used to do it too.  The 2 clips were abutted, and you simply dragged a transition and the software would move the clips apart and you dropped the transition icon in the new space.  The software would then set up the transition with a default amount of transition time.

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