Help With The Quality Of The Uploaded YouTube Videos

Hey everyone,

I'm new to this so apologies if my question is super basic.

So I have created a few videos on Screenflow ver.9.0.7. The quality is very good but after uploading them on YouTube I can see a pixelation every few frames. Do you know how I can fix this? Btw I'm using a MacBook macOS Big Sur. 


I found a great tutorial but sadly it was for windows and windows movie maker and he was saying that the problem was based on codecs avc1 vs vp9 and he was giving a tutorial on how to go around it.




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  • What is your workflow for exporting and posting on YouTube? Are you using the ScreenFlow "Publish to" option or are you exporting a MP4 and uploading using your web browser? What encoding settings are you using?

  • Thanks so much for getting back to me Robert :)

    So when my file is ready I do the following

    - File -> Export -> Customize

    (I change the framerate to 60

    I change datarate to 12000

    I set Profile to High

    I set Codec to Multi-pass

    And then for Audio I change Sample Rate to 48.0 and Datarate to 320 - Channels Stereo)

    This is how I create my mp4 file which I then upload on my YouTube channel.


    If you need more info please let me know.



    • DimiF Thank you for that information. I tried replicating the issue with ScreenFlow 9.0.7 on Mac OS Big Sur using your settings along with some of ScreenFlow defaults. I was not able to see any pixilation in what I uploaded to YouTube. At this point, I think we will need to do a deeper dive into what might going on. 

      I would like to get one of our ScreenFlow support technicians to work with you. Please fill out a support ticket on our website ( http://www.telestream.net/telestream-support/screen-flow/contact-support.htm ) and be sure to include a link to this forum thread. Thank you!

  • Robert P thanks so much for looking into it for me. I already opened a ticket and all I got was something along the lines "when you exported the video was fine - so this must be a YouTube issue - ask YouTube". So I thought about asking here the community in case someone else had experienced a similar problem. 


    But I'll open a new ticket hoping a different / more helpful person looks into it.

    PS: I have also asked the YouTube community but so far no-one has replied to me :/


    Thanks again!!

    • DimiF If you can provide me with the previous case number, I will follow up on it.

  • Robert P  I just opened a new ticket - thanks for that!! 

  • I'm not sure why this has been happening lately but when I would upload a video to YouTube, it looks all compressed. However, the original rendered video looks fine. This never used to happen, how can I fix this?

    • Alexanne What settings did you use for encoding the export from ScreenFlow? Also, check the quality setting on the YouTube media player. See if it is set to the highest resolution.

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