Video on green screen is choppy

So I have purchased Wirecast Pro 14.1.1 two weeks ago and love it.  Some issues back and forth but most I can work around.  So far I have not been able to fix that when you have a repeating video in the background (20 secs) that is being used on a green screen the video has a big of lag.  This has nothing to do with streaming or recording.  This lag appears in the live window as well.  I have a large collection of these videos that I use on zoom with a green screen and they loop perfectly. But for some reason I get little 5 or 10 seconds in and a get a half sec skip.  I have an i7 with 32 gigs of ram on a water cooled system.  This has occurred each time I am using a green screen with video. Then later I did a video on its one with a  camera in front of it and it did it there as well but not as often.  Any ideas??

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  • We'd need details so the issue can be reproduced. There's any number of settings or codecs that can be a factor in file playback. A visual example would be important.

  • Sorry been working hard and visited the forum to make another question and just saw that this was answered. https://www.dropbox.com/s/32qhkqcq353t7m2/Voting%20Laws%20with%20header.mp4?dl=0 is a dropbox link and aroudn 2:30 minutes in you can see the background video getting choppy. It does that more on greenscreen which is why we stopped doing video on green and just did stills. But you can see that it is not smooth which is source video is.

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      Joseph Boy I can certainly see the problem. Thanks for that.

      There are a number of potential causes involving system resources.
      It could be the background clip's codec and frame size for example.
      The GPU's ability to do the work in real-time is another factor.
      The stress on the CPU (CPU% use). I'd need all those details to make suggestions.

    • CraigS It was supposed to be a basic 1080 video looped. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zzurn94usxotncb/1053566_partyPolitics_HD_BG.mp4?dl=0 is a link to it. Do I need to convert it to something else? It is an I7 watercooled with 32 gigs of ram so I would be surprised if the CPU had any issue. What can make that better?

  • Joseph Boy said:
    It is an I7 watercooled with 32 gigs of ram so I would be surprised if the CPU had any issue.

     I7 processors go back more than a decade. The generation is significant. The number of cores is significant. You should always track CPU% especially when you see an issue. Look at total system CPU. Wirecast shows that in its status bar.

    The codec is H.264 Main Profile with a simple enough GOP structure but an all I-Frame file might be easier to play back.

    You may want to run a test with just you on camera and that file as a looping background and see how it handles with nothing else in the document. 

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