Wierd Audio Issue

Hey Everyone,

I have this strange audio issue when recording, it feels like maybe a codec issue with Wirecast, It only happens when I'm using MP4 which of course I want to.

In OBS this does not happen


I don't want to use OBS I purchased wirecast because I thought it would be much better which it is for greenscreen removal and broadcasting but this recording issue is sooo frustrating.

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  • You can hear it at about 8 seconds in. this screetch happens all the time in my recordings ONLY on wirecast.

    I have high quality recording gear.

  • This might be a sample rate issue. Please make sure the chain is all 48KHz or 44.1KHz. but don't mix it.

    Please validate also the statistics inside wirecast for any peaks.

  • Totally get that Jens, but I have the same settings on OBS and also on Camtasia and no issues exist, I switch to MOV prores and the issue disappears, but with MP4 it's a real problem.


    Statistics inside wirecast? What's that and where do I find it.


    Thanks for your help and response :)

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      Matthew Hughes Odd but I'm not hearing anything in that video other than normal sibilance on S. Downloaded the original to have a listen locally and I'm not hearing it. Listening on headphones playing of my Behringer U-Phoria audio interface.

      Matthew Hughes said:
      I switch to MOV prores and the issue disappears, but with MP4 it's a real problem.

       Are you using Wirecast record to disk present in 14.1.2?
      Both MP4 and MOV are set to 48kHz 

  • Strange that you can't hear it, it's just generally shocking compared to the export from Camtasia, not sure why it's like that at all

  • Matthew Hughes said:
    Strange that you can't hear it,

     It sounds completely clean to me. Perhaps it's related to playback or monitoring but I don't hear it in the recording on my system. 

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