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I am trying to stream from wirecast to zoom I want to record what we stream to zoom but all so want to record the Guest on zoom on the same video as what we are streaming so we can send a copy of the video to the Guest


is this possible many help would be great

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  • Ian Timmis said:
    I am trying to stream from wirecast to zoom

    Wirecast Virtual Camera and Virtual Microphone can send to Zoom.
    Wirecast can record what you send to Zoom.

    If you want to record an individual Zoom guest that can be a bit tricky. Zoom can record individual audio files for guests but not video. 

    Perhaps you could screen capture the individual guest in another Wirecast document and record there. That might complicate the audio setup though.

    In an upcoming version of Wirecast, we'll have an individual shot recording but even that might be complex depending on your workflow and resources and how you're using Wirecast.

    This really depends on your entire workflow. 


  • Thanks for replaying what I am trying to achieved is hard to say over message let me try again lol

    I wan to strep to zoom (all ready done and tested and work great) but we are offering a virtual Santa Experience so we want to sell the final video of the steam we send over zoom and rec the zoom Guest reaction.

    The final video  that I am hopping wirecast can do is the stream to zoom and the guest in the corner of the stream but the gust cart see this over zoom just the final video. 

    Hope this make more sense. 

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      Ian Timmis  Zoom does offer recording but not individual video. Video is group but only audio is individual>


      Perhaps you can do a screen region capture into a second Wirecast document and record that.

      Basically, Zoom either presents all speaker (Gallary) or the person speaking. Otherwise you'd have to do a screen region. Or you can crop after recording everyone.

      Skype and our Rendezvous present guests as individual "cameras."

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