Wirecast 15.1 BETA (August 10, 2022) VST Plugins, Keyboard Shortcuts & more! - RELEASED 9/14/22

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We've got a new Beta build - we'd love your feedback!

We're excited about Wirecast 15.1, which has some features that people have been asking for, for a long time, as well as a boatload of fixes and improvements.

We'd love to hear what you think. Please test this out and give us your feedback good and bad on the Beta Discussion Thread.




(See end of this post for links to the latest 15.x builds - in case you want to roll back)

Disclaimer: Please be reminded, this is a BETA version. Please don't use this in critical broadcasts. 


Here's some high level info: Check out the full Beta release notes for details.

VST3 Plugins (Pro feature)

VST effects plugins allow you to alter your audio sources in new and exciting ways. Whether you want to add a simple reverb or pan, or mimic the sounds of the '80s in a synthwave track, you can do it with VST effects plugins.

We have added the ability to load 3rd party VST plugins into Wirecast, to use on audio sources.

Read the attached VST info for more info and instructions.


A few really exciting things we've added around shortcuts:

  • The ability to customize your application keyboard shortcuts.
    • Change the defaults, create your own keyboard shortcut sets that you can import and export, add shortcuts to menu items that never had them before... We're hoping this gives you a whole new avenue for improving productivity.
  • The ability to assign multiple document Hotkeys to a single shot.
    • This will let you use one shot as part of several different composite shots, using the Hotkey functionality built into Wirecast.
  • Display your assigned Hotkey as the Hotkey Name or the Hotkey Keystrokes


Read more about Application Shortcuts and Document Hotkeys in the attached PDF.

Increased Rendezvous resolution:

  • We've increased the default video resolution of Rendezvous guests to 720p.

Rendezvous Camera + Screen Share

Now a Rendezvous guest can share both their desktop and video camera at the same time.

The screen share is optimized for sharing PPTs and other text on screen, and the feed appears separate from the video feed in Wirecast, so the host can put them in a picture-in-picture or separate shots.


And some other notable improvements and features:

  • Ability to add audio effects to the final output mix
  • Access and moderate social media comments even if you're not using the Facebook or YouTube destination APIs, or if your production computer is not the one streaming.
  • Pin Wirecast as the topmost window option

Plus over 140 fixes!

Check out the release notes for full details. 



Here are quick links you can use to roll back to the latest released build:

Links to the Wirecast 15.x installers:




Or visit our Download page to find installers for previous builds:  https://dynamic.telestream.net/downloads/download-wirecast.asp?prodid=wirecast

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