Better color contrast for audio waveform

Most of my editing time is spent removing gaps. I've upvoted a suggestion to provide an automated tool to do that and a suggestion to make the waveform bigger, but another suggestion is to improve the color contrast, especially when the In/Out selection has been started. It is very hard for me to see green on green hidden below blue.

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  • What would you consider better color contrast?
    They translucency of the selection is going to impact how it looks.
    Green over gray seems clear enough.
    The developers may want a specific suggestion.
    Making a major change in the color scheme might please some but not others.

    • CraigS While "What colors do you want?" is a very reasonable question, I'm not in a very good position to answer that. I'd need to have access to the various layers and I'm not skilled enough to do that easily. As you say, the translucency is a big factor and it will be hard to get people to agree. One answer is to make it configurable, but that adds to the complexity (and development cost) so will tend to reduce the priority. I do like the green on gray (in your example) better than the green on green (that I see in my environment).

      As I'm thinking about it now, I realize that maybe I should ask for something else. The use-case is looking for an end point after setting a start point and the "highlighting" adds the blue on top of green and the selected area is harder to see than the unselected area. What would really be nice is if the unselected area were harder to see (had less contrast) than the selected area (which should have more contrast).

      Refining things further, and possibly making it easier to describe and implement with less disruption: 

      Is the blue currently draw over top of the green (with some translucence so we still see the green)? If so, could we have a bright green drawn over top of the dark blue (with no translucence)? I think the main improvement would be to have the selection be part of the background, behind the waveform. If the waveform were in front with no translucence then it should be much more visible. That's my suggestion.

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      James Foster The problem with aspects of the UI like this is that there's a lot of subjectivity involved and any change may well make it worse for some users. 
      Interesting suggestions. Perhaps with more votes we can get a clearer picture on what people think might be a good change.

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