Problem with playback of JPEG 2000 MXF OP1a file

Hi there,

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas as to why the playback of a transcoded MP4-> MXF file has this diagonal distortion? The original video was created with a smart phone.

This is the MXF:

 I have tried changing the fps and display aspect ratio (the original had a non-standard 29.626 fps with the display aspect ratio of 0.562). I have tried these changes with both ffmpeg and MediaEncoder. Each attempt at changing the MP4 settings has had no effect on the MXF output from Adobe Media Encoder. The MP4 is fine for playback on Switch, VLC, QT. 


For background, I have successfully transcoded hundreds of videos using my current workflow, and played them in Switch for quality checking. This is the first time I have tried my hand at phone-recorded videos. Not sure what the issue might be. 

Any Thoughts?

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  • I have attached the MediaInfo for the MP4 and MXF files

  • Actually this is the correct info for the MXF

  • It would be best to look at the transcoded file.
    Perhaps there's an issue with the transcode.
    Then we'd need to look at the original file.
    Since Switch is compatible with MXF Op-1a the metadata doesn't tell me enough. We'd need to see the file.
    Are you able to playback the MXF file in another player?

  • Hi Craig,

    I was wanting to use Switch as my MXF player to check the quality of my video transcodes because I did not have any other player available. I have tried various MXFs on VLC, but playback is always choppy. So when I play this particular MXF, it behaves as the other MXFs do. Playback is choppy. But at least there is no diagonal distortion. 

    The MXF has fine playback in Adobe Premiere (I made the MXF using Adobe Media Encoder).

    Here is a link to a folder containing both the original MP4 and the MXF: 


     Let me know if you need any other info. (The smart phone which created the original MP4 was a Huawei Mate 9).




  • Julia I think I understand what the issue is. That's a non-standard frame size for MXF Op-1a I believe. I've tried to convert your source in Apple Compressor for example and it doesn't allow the frame size. If I set it to Preserve Source Aspect Ratio it embeds it in a letterbox that plays perfectly in Switch.

  • I suspect the developers would consider this an "edge" case. What workflow ties you to creating MXF Op-1a? 

    I do note that DaVinci Resolve 16.2.2 had no problem with the file.
    Final Cut Pro X doesn't see it as an importable media file though.
    I didn't have an Avid system to check with.

    The issue does seem specific to MXF because ProRes MOV works but ProRes MXF does not.

    For example ProRes MOV works as 1080x1920 and Uncompressed 8 or 10 bit MOV work as well.

    You can fill out the Switch Support Form and link to the files for the developers to examine but they'll ask why you chose MXF Op-1a. Other verticle video formats and near-lossless codecs can work in a professional post-production workflow.

  • CraigS 

    I work with a digital archive for cultural recordings and our peak body (international Association for Audio-Visual Archives) has set this to be the target format for archival versions of video. Thus far I have not come across any other problematic files that could not be properly transcoded to this JPEG2K format. I can put this question of problems with non-standard frame size for MXF to their forum.


    But it is curious that it was playable on certain configurations of Switch and platform (PC/Mac).


    Thank you for your help!



  • Julia said:
    But it is curious that it was playable on certain configurations of Switch and platform (PC/Mac).

    What version(s) of Switch did it work on? Perhaps an update broke compatibility. Please add that information to the case number you'd be sent after you completed the form.

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