Loop / Hold issues

Having some issues with loop and hold. I've tried wav and MP3 tracks and it doesn't seem to make any difference. Running 13.1.1

A file I want to loop holds and a file I want to hold loops!! The drop down box seems to make no difference to the result.

Any ideas?

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  • Pete Maughan said:
    I've tried wav and MP3 tracks and it doesn't seem to make any difference. Running 13.1.1

     So this is only with audio files
    I've tested MP3 recently on Mac and it looped as expected.

    We'd need to know the specific steps. Changing the status only impacts a not yet live shot. You can't change the status of a live shot.

    Please create a new document.
    Add one of your audio files.
    Set it to Loop.
    Take it live and see what happens.
    Note there's a countdown timer under the live area which confirms that it starts over again (loops).

    You can do the same with a file set to hold and then take it live and it should hold.

    I use this feature in all my shows and it's worked as expected every time. We've had no other reports of this failing so you'd have to verify the steps precisely.

    A screencast verifying such would help.

  • Wirecast 13.1.1 WAVE file. Holds as expected.

  • Same WAVE file set to loop. Loops as expected.

  • Hi Craig, thanks for getting back to me here.

    I've been using Wirecast regularly for close to 10 years now and I've often come across little problems like this that are there one day and not the next.

    I'm changing the audio on some graphic files to play the tracks when the slides become live. I've been doing this for as long as I've used Wirecast.

    When I play the tracks individually there isn't a problem.

    Today whilst I'm preparing this reply, the loop is working ok but the hold isn't, hold was working on Wednesday though. I'm following the same process each time. I know I can use the layers but this comes with it's own problems and isn't as quick to use while cutting live.

    If it this was just the way it was then that would be fine, but I've been using this method for years without too many problems.

    I've added a screenshot and video which I hope show my issue.

    Thanks again.

  • Pete Maughan It may well be an issue with the document. Create a New Document and see if you can repeat the issue.

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