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hi all.

i just started to use wirecast pro especially because of the multicam iso recording and replay. it is working very nice but the custom transition or custom logo for in and out of the replay i am missing very much. in obs i have the „stinger“ transition witch works very good for this. ether it is one or two additional, free custmizable transition buttons or a special playback source where i can add custom logo or even movie for in and out switching. this would be awsome and absolutly necessary for sport broadcasting...

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  • Absolutely fill out the form and request the ability to use a stinger transition for replay. I know other users are interested in it as well so the more requests the greater the potential influence on development priority.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • Kind of crazy to me that Wirecast doesnt have or support custom transitions / customer stinger transitions, especially considering

    [1] this is that not only has been being requested for wirecast since 2011, 7 years ago, which it seems CraigS is well aware of when you look at the post: , (no slight towards Craig, just mentioned to reinforce that those here now have known since the old days)


    [2] this is a feature many video switchers have had for years, but that even free software like OBS has had in some form or another for a couple years now, which was one of the contributing factors that made us lean towards considering not paying / upgrading to 8 when the time came and instead switching to another platform. 

    Those of you here who admin the forum also know this whole 'we on the forum acknowledge your issue, submit a ticket and reference this post and cross your fingers while not hearing back again' process is incredibly cumbersome, and I'd even argue somewhat detrimental to growth of the Wirecast user base and sales. 

    I'd like to ask that Wirecast reconsiders their approaches to the customer service/support/community process, but even at a minimum, simply ask that in this case of this particular issue, someone who is a moderator makes a bigger case higher up the chain and point out that: 

    [1] Most every wirecast competitor has this feature, and has for some time. 
    [2] There is a long and proven chain of requests online that anyone can see that this feature has been being asked for for 7 years.
    [3] While it seems like a lot of Wirecast has been marketed to churches and things like high school/college sportscasts, despite not being as much perceived value to the former group, is quite obviously a have-to-have for the latter, as anyone who's watched higher production value sports and eSports coverage can attest to. 
    [4] and lastly, make the case that, "hey, we as admin's/mods have looked through this, looked at how it's used by many live content creators, and it's kind of a no-brainer on how much something like this can elevate production values and is important, and it's almost silly that we haven't had this in place already."

    ...I'll go through the usual game of Wirecast telephone to now go hit up support, who I then have to direct back to this thread because that internal communication is seemingly not happening, but...c'mon guys. I love you, but it's hard to continue to be 'in love' with you. haha.


    Edit: This has also been sent over to the CS/feature request team.

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  • thank you for supporting my request. was using wirecast pro these days first time in a real streaming show and i am absolutely not happy with the replays because of this. iso replay is useless without stinger transition in sport shows. could not be a big thing as every free software can do it. i will sell my key to a church if we will not have this solution within next few months... was surprised as i spent almost 1000$ and could not find this feature...

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  • Dominik Müller Please fill out the previously posted feature request form and certainly include your sentiments in that. The developers need to know.

    Christopher Darbro do likewise

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  • CraigS please stop writing always the same answer. i did it a few weeks ago and i am sure others did as well years and months ago... just saw also a few people are angry about nothing happens with this "Feature Requests"...

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  • Dominik Müller Developers are working on feature requests. Some present challenges. They count the number of requests for a feature. It impacts priority so I'm obligated to remind people to send in those requests.

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  • CraigS which comes back to my earlier comment about the inefficiencies of that process. It's entirely possible that priority gets skewed, because, as I earlier pointed out in regards to how cumbersome it can be as a customer, going to the company who makes the product you use to discuss how you use it or problems you run in to, only to be told "go bug these other guys, and point out to them you said all the exact same stuff here" is really rough. I'd imagine there's a drop off with many people at that point who don't even bother with that process after getting that as a response. Which in turn may lead to mis-prioritization. Ideally some moderator or community manager should internally be making note of issues and trends and relaying that internally to product managers and / or a dev team as opposed to making the customer jump through extra hoops. I hope that makes sense.

    You've got people here who care enough to reach out and say something, even if it's negative on occasion, because they care about the product. It's when they're mishandled one too many times and stop saying anything altogether that the product and company as a whole starts to have a real problem. 

    Again, I hope that all makes sense. 

    Keeping my fingers crossed these things are being seen and taken to heart to hopefully result in a better product and customer experience. 

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  • Christopher Darbro The developers want to hear from the customers directly so they can have direct communication as needed. Going through an intermediary often results in misinterpretation. This is standard procedure with many companies. Apple also uses Feedback forms for example.

    As to referring people to "other guys" yes, if it's a third party product as they are the developers. We integrate but they develop and must handle issues with such products.

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  • any word on if there's been any internal movement on this feature?

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  • Christopher Darbro If you've submitted the feature request please do email with the case number and ask for a status update. We know there's interest in this one but I can't comment publicly on development.

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