Camera Inputs Not Being Recognized in Wirecast -- Black Picture

I am using Wirecast 8.1.0 with 2 Ultra Studio Mini-Recorders and a Black Magic Intensity Shuttle 3.0 USB.  I am using HDMI connections with all 3 cameras.  However, I am only getting 1 of the cameras to show in Wirecast.  The other cameras are not even being automatically recognized and no settings are shown when cameras are plugged in. All 3 cameras and recorders are routed correctly in the black magic utility app.  Help?

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  • Please update to Wirecast 8.2. Updates include fixes and enhancements.
    Please update your Blackmagic driver to 10.9.7.
    Then check each camera individually and Blackmagic Media Express.
    Make sure you quit Media Express otherwise it will retain control of the camera.

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  • Hello Craig....you are amazing as I have been reading your replys for over a week now! Im hoping you can help me out as well. I have wirecast 8.2 and blackmagic 10.9.7 as well.. but my camera isn't showing up on the Blackmagic Media Express or wirecast. Any idea where I should look next? Thank you!

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  • Sean Brace Set the driver to the correct input (HDMI most likely) then test in Media Express. Make sure your camera output is compatible. Easiest is 1080i29.97 or i59.94 or 1080i25 or i50 for PAL.

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  • This problem is still hindering our production.  I pay for the software and to not be able to use it is frustrating.  Please help.

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  • Brian Nystrom Wirecast is now at version 10.1.1 on Mac and BMD driver is 10.11.2. Please update and check again. Check each device separately.

    Create a new document and use only one MiniRecorder.

    I use two MiniRecorders so they should work. If they work for me the issue may not be Wirecast.

    I'd help with that but you have to provide more information. Describe it as if you wanted me to build a matching system.

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  • Brian Nystrom

    The only time I see the black screen for black magic, is when I have my settings for frame rate or resolution incorrect in Wirecast. Can I suggest:

    1. Get it working with the black magic media express player... By proving this works first, you can confirm that there are no hardware or driver problems.
    2. After doing #1, then proceed to wirecast. Make sure the video settings match the known working settings that you used in Media Express.

    Hope that helps.

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  • We see both listed in black magic media express.  All video settings match and we can't get multiple cameras connected.

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  • Brian Nystrom Please confirm you've updated Wirecast and the driver. I can't verify without confirming you're on the current versions.

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  • Brian Nystrom 
    Wirecast 10.1.1, BMD Driver 10.11.2, UltraStudio MiniRecorder. Automatically detected.


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  • I have updated everything and looks like we are in business.  I will monitor to see if we have issues in the future!  Thanks for the prompt feedback.

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  • Brian Nystrom Good to hear. You're welcome of course.

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