Simultaneous live captions on multiple events

Can I do 2-3 different simultaneous events to multiple destinations using one Restream/Live caption subscription, as long as I have enough min. on my plan?

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  • I want to make sure I understand your workflow.

    You want 2 or 3 different streams, each going to multiple destinations?
    In other words 2 or 3 separate Wirecast documents each streaming to multiple destinations?

  • I have 3 WC licenses and several YT & FB accounts, to put it simple, I have 2 simultaneous live stream events. Event 1 uses license 1 to stream to destinations A/B/C; Event 2 uses license 2 to stream to destinations B/C/D. Is it possible to use the same Restream/Live Caption account for both events?

  • Alex Ouyoung Restream can only be used for one session per Restream account. So only one stream can be sent to Restream.

  • Hopefully this is a good conversation flow to discuss Closed Captions.  I can't get closed captions to work no matter what.  The video and sound works perfectly to Facebook, YouTube and Periscope using the restream service, but I get no captions o/n any of the destinations.  You can check out my setting in the attached images.  

  • Alan Weinstein I think that's a totally separate topic that deserves it's own thread.

    Alex Ouyoung I have filed your request for engineering to look at. Internal ref: WCCLOUD-142

  • Appreciate it

  • Alan Weinstein Was able to get the CC to work this morning (did nothing different) on Facebook and YouTube but not on Periscope.  Is there a special setting for Periscope somewhere I am missing?

  • So here is an issue I think you folks need to look into.  First, I went live this afternoon to my 3 usual suspects, Facebook, YouTube and Periscope.  Just as the broadcast started a window popped-up that said something like the STT stopped.  I assume that was related to the closed captions because there were no closed captions on any of the  videos.  If you recall I had a successful test early today.  That tells me your cloud is a little unstable.  In addition, about 5 minutes into the show everything was rolling along and then I got a message that the connection to Facebook was lost.  This happened twice I think


    Thanks.  Again it may be an indication your cloud is just not actually ready for prime time.

    I think this needs to be thoroughly checked into because my clients pays me for these shows and as you know paying clients don't care if the cloud is new or old they just want perfection. 




  • Alan Weinstein At the moment Periscope doesn't seem to support Closed Captioning. I've put in a report to them regarding that.

  • I had one show today that Periscope also crashed during the show nad never came back on.


    Was I right about STT referencing the Closed Captions?

  • Alan Weinstein said:
    I had one show today that Periscope also crashed during the show nad never came back on.

     Periscope crashed or Wirecast crashed? Please explain what you saw.

    Alan Weinstein said:
    Was I right about STT referencing the Closed Captions?

    Periscope itself tends to have some encoder specifications that are different that other CDNs so it's possibly related to that. Can you test to see if this is repeatable on your end while we investigate as well?

  • Wirecast did not crash.  If you recall from my thread here is how it went down.  

    1.  Started the preview to FB, YouTube, Periscope

    2. Window pops up telling me STT broadcasting to all destinations crapped out

    3.  Stopped the stream restarted it

    4. During preview phase STT window pops again didn't bother to stop the stream (still in preview)

    5. Facebook disconnects from cloud

    6. Stopped the Stream

    7. restarted the stream

    8. Went Live broadcasting to all destinations

    9.  Facebook disconnect window pops up - hit OK and just keep going

    It never stopped broadcasting to YouTube or Facebook.  Never had closed captions show up.  After 5 minutes Periscope stops broadcasting (didn't know it at the time see attached.)  Problem is that not only did it stop on it's own, I did not get any pop up in Wirecast to tell me and I can't even play the 5 minutes it did broadcast.

  • Alan Weinstein Was this a one time occurrence or have you seen this happen again? Perhaps we can find a contemporaneous  log on our end. If you know the time within a couple of minutes when this occurred, report it and lets see if we can find logs on our end. Also include your location and/or IP address presented by your broadband modem, to the internet and we'll see what we can find.

    Wirecast Support Form

  • The show in question went live at 1:00PM ET on Thursday. I also lost the closed Captions on Wednesday also at 1:00 pm ET.

    I think my IP address is:

  • Alan Weinstein Fill out the form I linked to and include that information.

  • Done and sent

  • Alan Weinstein Thanks. we may get back to you and ask for me info. This is most helpful.

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