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I noticed that if I am going to my 3 usual destinations, FB using the RTMP and YouTube and Periscope directly to the channels with restream and CC, that YouTube starts out with a good connection and then the connection goes bad.  See images.  I thought the speed is controlled by the cloud service once I start the output rather than the speed on my end.  I included a screenshot of my speed.  I could use a little more upload but am I not fast enough for the restream service?  I also added screenshots of my output settings.

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  • When watching on YouTube, does the stream itself develop issues shortly after the YouTube's "Bad" status?  If the YouTube stream still looks good, there may be an issue with interpreting the data being sent.

    If you stream only to YouTube using Restream, do you see the same Bad Status? This may indicate that Restream has an issue when using those three destination through Restream at the same time.

    It's possible this isn't a Restream speed related issue (at least not directly)

  • I am experiencing the same issues. Streaming to Facebook and YouTube. And yes the stream quality does reflect the "Bad" connection. My connection looks stable and no frames dropped but out of nowhere Wirecast will go red and my streams have problems. 

  • Sam Ferruolo What Restream encoder preset are you using and what is your tested upload bandwidth. 

  • CraigS I've tried both the H.264 4mpbs and Apple H.264 3mbps with the same results. Our upload speed from the speedtest.net app shows anywhere between 30-40mbps. Jitter ranges between 4-13.

  • CraigS    Also I forgot to mention, I did a basic test stream and the RTMP Queue randomly will spike. Strangely it doesn't seem to correspond to any jump in activity video/processing wise. It does seem to tie into the stream dropping though. I am not 100% sure at what would cause those random spikes.  

  • Sam Ferruolo Thanks. This is all important information.
    Fill out the form. Note in the description this is a Restream/Cloud issue and the Priority is Critical and we'll send you a case number and start working on this.
    Wirecast Support Form

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