Audio Capture from Computer Becoming Dealbreaker

Wow.. since MacOS 10.14.5 -10.14.6 I go through all sorts of problems trying to Capture Computer Audio. Although I Can it's a pain and very frustrating because:

1> The Telestream Audio Driver Does Not Show Up in Sound Prefs Until AFTER I try to record and Get an Error Dialog. ONLY Then does the Driver Show up IN Sound Prefs - Output Device. I can then select it and proceed.. (see screenshots)

2> If I Try to Record Video with Computer Audio and I don't Proceed in The exact procedure and steps noted in #1 Above then Sound Prefs Crashes and Can't Stop or even Quit ScreenFlow from MenuBar or Dock. I HAVE TO FORCE QUIT SOUND PREFS & SCREENFLOW.

3> If I stop recording and then decide to Go Back and Add to The Recording, I have to go through the whole Procedure again and pray Sound Prefs or Screenflow doesn't Crash. This part really, really sucks.

This has suddenly become AWFUL.. I have even removed all other Audio Kexts or Drivers as suggested by the Support Team. AND Reinstalled MAC OS 10.14.6 & ScreenFlow 8.2.3/8.2.4 from SCRATCH. One Recording Session Yesterday required 3 restarts and 1/2 hour to get ScreenFlow Working Correctly!

Very disappointing since I have been using ScreenFlow for Years and have Dozens of Recordings. I'm Seriously Considering Going to CAMTASIA if TeleStream cannot find a way (API) or solution to this. This means  A Complete New Learning Curve... but it's been taking me 15-20 minutes just to get ScreenFlow working with Computer Audio and Testing before I can even Start. I'm still deciding how I'm going to proceed from here.. Damn! ~RpH 

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  • I think you may be a bit confused on when you need to access the driver, why, how, and why it's occuring.

    Apple made changes to macOS, security, system sound, and the T2 chip in most new Macs. This REQUIRED us to make changes. Without API with additional "hooks" and "instruction sets" from Apple, we've done what's permissible by Apple.

    Please Read.

    Robert Hartle said:
    'm Seriously Considering Going to CAMTASIA

    If it's the Mac version it's the same changes and rules by Apple.  

    The API is something Apple would have to offer and it is not product or developer-specific. 

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  • For example, when I record from GarageBand I set its output to Telestream Audio Capture, make my recording, stop my recording and GarageBand. That's all I'd need to do. 

    If you capture a Youtube video playing in Safari or Quicktime you don't need to do anything at all beyond capturing as you normally would.

  • This all you need to do to capture from a program that doesn't use system sound directly like QuickTime or Safari.

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  • CraigS But I Get This Error! In Chrome,  Safari... I Click Record but I Don't GET THE "5, 4 3, 2, 1" I get Nothing and then a couple seconds later THIS dialog... screenshot so then I have to go to Sound Prefs and click on the Telestream Output.

  • I Don't GET THE Countdown "5, 4 3, 2, 1" I get Nothing and then a couple seconds later The dialog below the 1st one shown here... screenshots so then I have to go to Sound Prefs and click on the Telestream Output. (This Happens with "Source is Computer Audio") in "Configure Recording.

  • CraigS BUT I NEVER GET TO CHOOSE The Telestream Audio Driver... It does not show up in Sound Prefs until Later after this Dialog Below. IT's SIMPLY NOT There.. to Click ON... People just don't understand me... Its NOT THere! Until THIS..

  • I don't know how Clearer I Can Be On This... WITHOUT COMPUTER AUDIO AS A SOURCE, SCREENFLOW WORKS FINE!!!! I AM TALKING ABOUT CAPTURING COMPUTER SCREEN AND COMPUTER AUDIO. Telestream Audio Driver IS NOT SELECTABLE, NOT CLICKABLE in "Configure Recording." NO "5,4,3,2,1" Then Error, Then Back Over to Sound Prefs, Driver is Then There, Now I can Record and I GET 5,4,3,2,1


  • Robert Hartle Something is interfearing with the driver on your system.
    Start by removing all third party peripherals. This includes external headphones and speakers. Set the system to use Internal Speakers only.
    Create a New User Admin account.
    Reboot and log into the new account.
    Then try to record the desktop with Record Computer Audio enabled.

    ScreenFlow generally has no issure recording Computer Audio as it's a common function used by nearlly all our users so the issue is likely something in your system setup.

    BTW your description of what you see in System Preferences Sound is exactly how it's supposed to behave. You will not see the driver unless you are actually recording. That is NOT the issue at all.

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  • CraigS Thank you Craig, I will try that.. Abdul from Screenflow Support tells me by phone that the Telestream Audio Driver should not even show up under "Output" in Sound Prefs which I find Curious.. and if i remember recording with Computer Audio from 4-6 months ago It did not ever appear there. I completely uninstalled Screenflow and Audio Driver today and reinstalled but still in same situation. Also I removed Screenflow & Helper from Accessibility and then added them back in. I'll try your suggestion since it certainly can't hurt to try anything. Thanks!

  • CraigS okay Craig, I did everything exactly as you said.. with New Admin Acct. and all Exactly as you Told me to do .. Yea I guess like you said that's how it is supposed to work with "Record Computer Audio." Perhaps I don't remember it working this way in the past where I had to backtrack after the "error" dialog and select Telestream Driver. Perhaps also I am getting old and just hadn't used computer audio recording much in the past several months.. anyways. .Thank you for all your Time and patience with this issue.. It (Screenflow) Works.. so and I could never really leave this App for anything else.. for Short Videos.. Final Cut Pro being my big dog. So onward I go. Thanks again.. Sincerely Grateful, Robert.

  • Robert Hartle Often I'll do my screen capture and ScreenFlow specific effects in ScreenFlow and then export in ProRes (and ProRes 4444 with Alpha if you're going to key it) and edit in Final Cut Pro.

  • Thanks for the Tip and a Good one to know! (I don't often record computer audio In Screenflow since It can often involve copyrighted materials) that get rejected by YouTube or Facebook.

    In summary, One would think that the Telestream Driver would pop up as an option in Sound Prefs Before I Start to Record instead of After (and the resulting, annoying error message.) I find this behavior odd and inconsistent with Music Production software I use such as Logic Pro and Ableton Live. So, ScreenFlow still refuses to record computer audio until that error dialog appears and I perform the extra steps I described earlier in this thread. So I live with that.

  • CraigS OMG INSTALLING CATALINA FIXED SCREENFLOW RECORDING COMPUTER AUDIO!!!! NOW IT WORKS LIKE IT USED TO A YEAR AGO... NOW I GET THE 5,4,3,2,1 IMMEDIATELY UPON RECORDING! (with Computer Audio Checked!)  This is exactly what I've been talking about! People were saying “NO that's not how it's supposed to work.” I KNEW I WASN'T CRAZY! NO STUPID ERROR DIALOG That I “was supposed to see every time?” NOOOOO! I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG! Thanks Guys. Thank you Apple Catalina! I SHOULD TAKE A VIDEO OF HOW ScreenFlow is Supposed to Work and paste it in here in case "WE" all “forget.” Thanks anyways for all your help.

  • Robert Hartle Perhaps Catalina has some under the hood system audio access improvements. Good to hear it's working now.

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