Saving Recording Configuration and Record Time Switching

Suggestions for the workflow for screen recording configurations and in particular the partial screen recording workflow. 

1. The short cut key should remember that last recording was a partial screen recording. Now the workflow requires cumbersome steps of going into the partial screen dialogs. Think about reshoots or shooting small segments would require that.

2. The recording should allow saving the configurations and naming them and prioritizing them. 

3. The short cut to start recording would have a setting to either just start based on the last configuration or always show a list of 3 or so saved configurations.

4. Better would have a hot key to show saved recording configurations and they could be switched as you are recording. 


Not to turn Screenflow into OBS Studio or the likes, but it has nice features like that with  scenes with captured windows and a fast ability to switch them on a click. If ScreenFlow had this screen recording would be way out there as a screen recording productivity tool reducing all the time line editing needs.

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  • Those are interesting idea. Please do fill out the form and make the feature request and we'll send you a case number so we can back to you if we have questions about your ideas.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

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  • CraigS Form submitted. These are upgrades, anything that reduces timelime manipulation by handling during screen recording, I would definitely pay for.

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  • Lon Hosford Thanks for submitting. Hopefully we'll make upgrades worth your while of course.

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  • CraigS and of course I meant as opposed to the interim no charge upgrades. Paid updates have always been worth it and the loyalty deal offers endearing.

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  • Lon Hosford 👍

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