Text Mouse Cursor Bug

When you put your mouse over text you get a different cursor instead of the arrow. Screenflow is having issues with this text cursor for me.


Screenflow only shows the top or the bottom half of the cursor, and quickly flashes back and forth between one or the other. Below is a youtube video with timestamp where you can see the cursor flashing around 1:15.




I see the same behavior inside the Screenflow app's own video player without exporting and without doing any editing. I also exported a video to my ssd and viewed it with VLC and see the same behavior.


Here is a screenshot from the youtube video showing only the bottom half of the cursor. When I pause on other frames sometimes it only shows the top half.



And here is a screenshot of how the cursor should look from an older video I made:




I make videos showing me writing stuff, so this is a pretty big problem for me.


This used to work correctly in the past, for example the cursor looks correct in this older video at 20:50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMult6fU9DA (I'm not sure exactly what OS and screenflow version that video was made with. Very likely the newest available back in June 2015 when I made it.)


Tech Details:


macOS Sierra 10.12

Late 2014 27" Retina 5k iMac

Screenflow Version 6.1 (28097)  [not mac app store]

recording to imac ssd with 100 gigs free

3 monitors but i'm only recording the main iMac display + built in mic

The youtube video was made using the publish to youtube feature, 1080p, 30fps

i see the same issue with a new recording, viewing it inside screenflow without exporting.


workflow: record screencast, add a text screen on the front, and export. that's it. i didn't touch mouse settings or do any other editing for that youtube video.


EDIT: i copy/pasted in the screenshots originally but they didn't show up, so i added image links.

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  • To add screenshots

    I'd like to see if this is frame rate related. Try changing the default "Automatic" to 30fps before recording and do a short capture and see how the cursor displays.

  • Switching to 30 fps did not help for me:




    However I had just decided to set the mouse cursor larger (in accessibility system prefs) to be more visible. For some reason I saw that solves it for me!




    So I'll do that now :)  Good luck with the bug.

  • Thanks Elliot Temple for troubleshooting this.
    Please fill out the form and link to this forum thread so the engineers can read and investigate.
    ScreenFlow Support Form

  • CraigS Elliot Temple 

    I'm having the same problem. I filled out that form Elliot, reporting the problem as well.


    You can see it blinking a lot in my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3VGJzaLPmo


    It was blinking like that in the preview section of my video in screen flow before I exported it and uploaded it to YouTube. Running macOS Sierra Version 10.12 and Screenflow 6.1. Making my cursor larger like that did not fix the issue for me.

  • there is a minimum mouse size (set in accessibility preferences) to fix the bug. it's around 1.5 of the tick marks above the smallest size. the setting in the picture works and is fairly close to the minimum:



  • Elliot Temple that would be an interesting test (changing cursor size). Do test and report to see if that's a viable workaround while we investigate the issue. 

    I take it you've tried smaller?

  • BTW just a thought, looking at the issue, I wonder if changing the monitor refresh rate impacts the issue as well. 

  • Jim Campagno can you tell me what monitor you're using and what the specs/settings are including refresh rate.

  • I'm having this problem as well using SF 6.1 in OS 10.12 on a Retina MPB15 with Thunderbolt monitor and an external HP monitor. I've uninstalled and re-installed both the downloaded from Telestream version and the Mac Apple Store version, also plugged and unplugged various monitors to no avail. Tons of restarts and cache purges, etc. I tried the larger cursor thing to no avail as well. Also still having audio waveform redraw issues. It would be awesome to have a "Purge Audio Waveforms" button in the menu somewhere to save the daily hunt for the appropriate cache folder.

  • Also - as a follow up - I had a friend record on her machine running 10.11.5 and SF 6.1 and then she sent me the recording to work with and it looked perfect. So there is some issue with RECORDING cursor position, not the interpretation of it in the software. VERY frustrating.

  • HeyJoe given your friend's example, it's possible this issue is specific to OS 10.12. Thanks for that important clue. Please do fill out the form I posted previously and submit that. This information can help us.

    We're working on improving the audio waveform issues as well. Do report those in a separate form. Include what you were doing when you experienced the issue. The use circumstances can help us.

  • Absolutely. I'll submit stuff tonight. Also - I did basic cursor record with mouse clicks enabled using the native screen record function in QuickTime with no issues. I've also tried two other machines of mine - both MBP13s of the past 2 generations and they both seem to have the same issue - regardless of the INTEL GFX generation.


  • HeyJoe Thanks very much for those details.

  • I'm having this problem as well using SF 6.1 in OS 10.12 on iMac (21.5-inch)

    ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB.

    I tried the larger cursor thing to no avail as well.

  • Никита Шультайс make sure you fill out the ScreenFlow Support Form I posted previously so the technicians can read your details.

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  • +1 This is a show stopper for me. It causes my videos to appear glitchy and unprofessional. 

  • Andrew Mead please do fill out the form.

  • Already did :)

  • Andrew Mead download ScreenFlow 6.2. Just released. Test and report.

  • It worked!

    This went from a major bummer to one of the best support experiences I've ever had. I was starting a major new project and didn't want to spend another 3 months using Camtasia. Thanks for the awesome support and the fast release.

    - Andrew

  • Andrew Mead good to hear it. That was one of our important fixes with this update.

  • CraigS Will there be a similar fix for version 5? I'm trying to use 

    Version 5.0.7 to make a screencast for my app TaskPaper, but see the same problem.

  • Jesse Grosjean development on 5 series has ended so you may want to upgrade or at least test with the demo of version 6.

  • I'm not happy that this flickering cursor bug was introduced in version 5.0.7, which is required to run on OSX Sierra, but then you won't fix it for version 5. 

  • Michael Lazell Can you verify it wasn't there in version 5.0.6? Perhaps the changes needed to make it compatible with Sierra introduced the issue. This is assuming you're comparing 5.0.6 and 5.0.7 on an OS earlier than Sierra.

    If you're using Sierra that perhaps the OS itself introduced the issue since you couldn't have tested 5.0.6 in Sierra.

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