Text Mouse Cursor Bug

When you put your mouse over text you get a different cursor instead of the arrow. Screenflow is having issues with this text cursor for me.


Screenflow only shows the top or the bottom half of the cursor, and quickly flashes back and forth between one or the other. Below is a youtube video with timestamp where you can see the cursor flashing around 1:15.




I see the same behavior inside the Screenflow app's own video player without exporting and without doing any editing. I also exported a video to my ssd and viewed it with VLC and see the same behavior.


Here is a screenshot from the youtube video showing only the bottom half of the cursor. When I pause on other frames sometimes it only shows the top half.



And here is a screenshot of how the cursor should look from an older video I made:




I make videos showing me writing stuff, so this is a pretty big problem for me.


This used to work correctly in the past, for example the cursor looks correct in this older video at 20:50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMult6fU9DA (I'm not sure exactly what OS and screenflow version that video was made with. Very likely the newest available back in June 2015 when I made it.)


Tech Details:


macOS Sierra 10.12

Late 2014 27" Retina 5k iMac

Screenflow Version 6.1 (28097)  [not mac app store]

recording to imac ssd with 100 gigs free

3 monitors but i'm only recording the main iMac display + built in mic

The youtube video was made using the publish to youtube feature, 1080p, 30fps

i see the same issue with a new recording, viewing it inside screenflow without exporting.


workflow: record screencast, add a text screen on the front, and export. that's it. i didn't touch mouse settings or do any other editing for that youtube video.


EDIT: i copy/pasted in the screenshots originally but they didn't show up, so i added image links.

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  • I just bought Screenflow yesterday, and having the same cursor bug as several others. Guess that If I had seen this forum thread, I would not have bought the software. At least you could have a warning somewhere, adressing the problem. For now I have invested $129 in something completely useless. We are a professional video production company, and we certainly can NOT use this software until the cursor bug is fixed. Would be very appropriate if I could get my money back - unless you fix the problem asap!

    • CraigS
    • Telestream Desktop Forum Moderator
    • CraigS
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Preben Lorentzen We are investigating the issue. Please use the support form I posted previously so we can get your information. We'll send you a case number and you can ask about our progress in addressing this issue. Sorry about the problem but we are most certainly investigating a fix. 

  • Having the exact same experience, it was working on v6, now not working on v7. Sadly, going back and using 6.2.2 (which I still have installed) doesn't help.

    Increasing the cursor size does work, though, but it looks bad.

    Btw, in my testing I've noticed that it only affects retina displays. I'm using SwitchResX to run an external display at half-res retina for crisp text in my videos, if I turn that off it works fine. Using my iMac's main screen (also retina) shows the bug.

    As others have said this causes a massive disruption to my workflow—having to cut up the video sequences and replace the cursor every time it switches to a text cursor is really irritating.

    • CraigS
    • Telestream Desktop Forum Moderator
    • CraigS
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Glen Maddern Have you sent in a report and received a case number? Send in the information you just posted. It can help.

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