Text Mouse Cursor Bug

When you put your mouse over text you get a different cursor instead of the arrow. Screenflow is having issues with this text cursor for me.


Screenflow only shows the top or the bottom half of the cursor, and quickly flashes back and forth between one or the other. Below is a youtube video with timestamp where you can see the cursor flashing around 1:15.




I see the same behavior inside the Screenflow app's own video player without exporting and without doing any editing. I also exported a video to my ssd and viewed it with VLC and see the same behavior.


Here is a screenshot from the youtube video showing only the bottom half of the cursor. When I pause on other frames sometimes it only shows the top half.



And here is a screenshot of how the cursor should look from an older video I made:




I make videos showing me writing stuff, so this is a pretty big problem for me.


This used to work correctly in the past, for example the cursor looks correct in this older video at 20:50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMult6fU9DA (I'm not sure exactly what OS and screenflow version that video was made with. Very likely the newest available back in June 2015 when I made it.)


Tech Details:


macOS Sierra 10.12

Late 2014 27" Retina 5k iMac

Screenflow Version 6.1 (28097)  [not mac app store]

recording to imac ssd with 100 gigs free

3 monitors but i'm only recording the main iMac display + built in mic

The youtube video was made using the publish to youtube feature, 1080p, 30fps

i see the same issue with a new recording, viewing it inside screenflow without exporting.


workflow: record screencast, add a text screen on the front, and export. that's it. i didn't touch mouse settings or do any other editing for that youtube video.


EDIT: i copy/pasted in the screenshots originally but they didn't show up, so i added image links.

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  • I made many videos on version 5 with no problem. Then I upgraded my Mac to Sierra but then I couldn't record. So I updated to 5.0.7 for the Sierra patch and then I could record but the cursor flashes when it's over a text area. I have just one last video to finish editing and I don't want to have to upgrade to version 6.  As a workaround, I'll just have to edit and hide the cursor when it's flashing.

  • I was a part of this conversation a little earlier in the thread.

    This issue didn't seem to be a ScreenFlow specific bug. I was using Camtasia at the time and they had the same problem with the selector cursor too. It must have been something in a MacOS release.

    - Andrew

  • Michael Lazell so it's quite possible that changes that had to made for Sierra compatibility introduced the issue. It's true though that any fixes will happen in ScreenFlow 6 only. ScreenFlow Support Form

  • Andrew Mead thanks for that observation, which is why I think Sierra is the factor. It may mean further changes in screen recording code to fix this.

  • Seeing this issue with OS 10.12.6. 30fps setting. 2016 13" MBP (with touch bar). Jump to 23 secs in to see the issue in the video. 

  • I'll also add that oddly, if I change my cursor from Default to Square in the Screen Recording panel, the blinking goes away. Default and the circular options blink. 

    I wish there was a way to add an action that removed the cursor from segments of my videos until there's a fix for this issue, but the Show Mouse Pointer (under the Screen Recording tab) seems to be a global adjustment. 

    Help please! :) 

  • One other note: replacing the cursor with a custom image also does the trick. :) 

  • Nathan Holritz I see the issue but since the last post before yours is eight months old and ScreenFlow 7 has since been released please test only with the current version and in a new rather than imported document. 

  • CraigS  The video you saw was created with version 7 and a new document, and had the issue

  • Nathan Holritz Thanks for that.
    Can you include Browser and version, whether you were capturing full screen or partial?
    Also include monitor(s) config.
    If you try capturing from Notes or Pages or similar do you get the same cursor issue?

  • CraigS Version 60.0.3112.90 (Official Build) (64-bit), full screen, and screen is 13.3-inch (2560 x 1600), with resolution set to 1440x900, on a 2016 touch-bar MBP. And yes, same issue in Pages and Notes. 

    Thanks for your help! 

  • Nathan Holritz Thanks for testing and confirming those details. Please do fill out the form and report the issue, which was seen in version 6, is still there in version 7.

    ScreenFlow Support Form

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  • After upgrade to screenflow 7, I have exactly the same issue. On screenflow 6 this is not happen.

    I try choose mouse cursor as circle and square and it zoom in and out rapidly but when i replace with image. It work just fine but it increase time to produce video when i need to replace cursor on some frame 😓

  • palagorn Others in this thread had the issue with ScreenFlow 6 so perhaps you have a different issue. Please fill out the form I previously linked to but if you didn't have it in 6 you may need to provide an example of what you saw in 6 compared to 7.

  • Any update on this issue? I haven't heard back from support. 

  • Nathan Holritz send an email with your case number and as for an update. It may take a bit to investigate how to handle.

  • upgraded to screenflow 7 today, made a recording, got the issue again :(


    please prioritize this, it really makes videos look bad to have a flashing mouse cursor.

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  • Elliot Temple CraigS I submitted this bug weeks ago, and still no update. I'm confused as to how this bug fix hasn't been prioritized? 

  • Nathan Holritz Elliot Temple Given the OS GPU interaction there may be challenges. Fixes bugs isn't the same as fixing a car for example. There's a complex interaction and sometimes there's discovery in those relationships and then one tests and may find other things are impacted. Some issues are more like doing a Rubik's Cube.

    If you have a case number follow it up by email and ask for a status update.

  • CraigS Totally understand. I've been in software and web dev for many years. I work very quickly with my dev teams on glaring issues, and this just seemed like one. 

  • Nathan Holritz Given the OS GPU relationship it may be related to Apple's display implementation and how it affects screen capture. 

  • I too have the same issue as you,  Nathan Holritz (with the same versions and everything) and would like to know if you have found a workaround while the team is working on it. Somebody mentioned setting a custom cursor image, but where can I find an image that is the same as the text select cursor? I'm on a really tight deadline and would appreciate any tips you might have on how to get around this issue. Could I just have the cursor recorded inside the video instead for instance?

  • CraigS Whatever the reason, I hope there's a fix soon. This is too significant enough bug to just leave alone for this long  

  • Theresia Hansson I chose the square box option as a temporary alternative for a different cursor. It's one of the default alternatives. I also adjusted the opacity on it so it wasn't so obvious. 

    It's pretty incredible that Telestream hasn't prioritized a fix to this issue. 

  • Nathan Holritz It may not be about priority. It may be about the challenge given the cursor is an OS/GPU function that involves aspects we can't change. Please don't assume the time it takes to address and issue with priority. They may be completely unrelated.

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