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  • It would be nice to be able to make notifications frequency drop down to monthly.

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  • I don't think monthly would be useful for most people. That's very long whether working on an issue, having a discussion or, generally following something.

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  • Have a question, we had a live video recording using wirecast, half way through the recording, the picture froze but the sound recorded. I need to know the reason why this happened and how to sort it.

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  • KSI Please post that question in the Wirecast forums.

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  • Hello,


    I apologize in advanced for probably posting in the wrong section, but I am new to this forum and Wirecast. 

    I need to know one thing...

    1. Is there a link that can direct me to the correct forum area to post a question about resizing Cam Feeds to fit Templates in Wirecast?

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  • I'm looking for Vantage forums but I don't see it listed. Do they exist? If so, where??

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  • Ted O'Brien for the time being you'd have to contact Vantage support by form
    Vantage Support Form

    Or you can call (877) 257-6245 in the US.

    Please do explain to them why you'd like a forum. I believe they may be interested in hearing that.

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  • I just bought ScreenFlow 7. Hopefully, I can learn a few things here so I can enjoy the product.

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