Please Include All Technical Information

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Please include all the following information when reporting an issue: 

Always check that you've updated to the current version of Wirecast  

  • OS (complete version x.x.x)
  • Wirecast Version Name (Studio, Pro) and Number (complete x.x.x) 
         Note "latest" is not a version number. I MUST have the version number 
  • Computer Model, CPU type, GPU model
  • Input sources of the video/audio and type of connection used including:
         Cameras and settings (frame size, frame rate, interlace/progressive)
         Input devices and driver version
         File specs if playing back a file
  • Complete hardware setup used for streaming 
  • Server and/or CDN name
  • Wirecast preference settings (be complete) 
  • Wirecast Canvas size 
  • Streaming and Recording encoder settings
  • Drive specs and connection type and percentage free space if recording 
  • Wirecast Output Statistics (CPU%, fps, connection green bars).
  • Monitor configuration and frame sizes
  • Relevant shot and Master Layer configuration 

Please be complete and meticulously detailed. 
Include screenshots, video examples, screencasts to help us understand the issue.

Describe as if you want someone to make a matching setup and shot.
Include Step by Step to help us duplicate and verify the issue. 

I'm going to ask you for the above info anyway so including will result in faster identification and resolution of issues. 

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