Intro ON and using audio mapper -> fails

Hi, I'm testing with a QT with 1 video and 6 tracks of 1ch audio.


Using the audio mapper to 4 tracks works okay.

But if I put the same file as an intro, I can only get 1 track output, and not anymore.

engine 7.1, mac, 10.10.5.



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  • Page 117 of the User Guide notes:

    Adding Intro & Outro Clips
    These clips must have video and audio tracks corresponding to the video and audio tracks of the output.  


    Perhaps this is the issue.
    You don't mention what is the audio of your main file when you use the above mentioned file as Intro. See if Intro and Main file have the same audio configuration.

  • They are all the same file, so config is the same on file list, intro and outro

  • I'm sorry but please do explain.

    Intro and Outro are used to add a separate file to the head and tail of an encode. That would involve at least two or three separate files. Intro file, main file and, if desired, outro file, They are then encoded to become one file. 

  • Yes normally you do use different files, thats the whole point of intro & outro... Using the same file was just for the testing purpose. :)

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  • It's possible referencing the same file as Intro and Main file is the issue (assuming that's what you're doing). If that's what you're doing would that be a normal workflow for you?

  • Nope this is not normal, but I need to use channel mapping, intro & outro on files coming from 16 tracks mono audio.

  • Thanks for that explanation. I can see you made the feature request in this thread. Make sure you get a case number to track it.

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